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Sweets/choc dispenser where you put money in

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threepiecesuite Wed 19-Nov-14 14:15:50

I'd love to get something for my 4yo DD where you put a coin in and get a small treat out. I had the original Cadbury one as a child and loved it, however, the reviews for the new plastic version are awful and Cadbury no longer make the miniature chocolates. Doesn't have to be chocolate, sweets will do, but not bubble gum.
Has anyone/got seen anything like this?

AnnoyingOrange Wed 19-Nov-14 14:22:09

Would this do

GoldfishSpy Wed 19-Nov-14 14:22:19

Not sure if you put money in but what about this ...

Damnautocorrect Wed 19-Nov-14 14:26:36

I got the cadbury one in b and m the past couple of years, and studio 24 do them......

Damnautocorrect Wed 19-Nov-14 14:27:31

Damnautocorrect Wed 19-Nov-14 14:28:02

Oh balls just seen they are sold out

Damnautocorrect Wed 19-Nov-14 14:28:56


Damnautocorrect Wed 19-Nov-14 14:29:58

Oh for goodness sake just seen you don't want the cadburys one! Sorry ignore all my links, i read it that you did want the cadburys one.
Im off to get my eyes tested!!!!

threepiecesuite Wed 19-Nov-14 14:34:38

Thank you! The Cadbury one is what I originally had in mind, but apparently it doesn't work properly, it's tiny, plastic and they don't make the chocolates anymore! Damn you Kraft for ruining Cadburys.
I like the Jelly Belly one but lot of money isn't it!

groovejet Wed 19-Nov-14 14:53:28

reviews a bit mixed for this one

groovejet Wed 19-Nov-14 14:56:06

Or this one, looks a little better than the one above and actually comes with the gumballs

threepiecesuite Wed 19-Nov-14 17:01:58

Quite like the machines, but gain, everything's so plasticky. She's a little young for bubble gum at 4 too.
What about the Sweet Shop set? Can anyone recommend it?
Why are toys so cheap and plasticky these days?!

lg57 Wed 19-Nov-14 21:25:36

I saw the Amazon original chocolate machine today in B&M. It was cheaper as well. Think it was £3.99 but not sure. Hope that helps.

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