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Gift for someone travelling/moving house

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vvviola Tue 18-Nov-14 07:16:05

We're moving country in the New Year, via a long awaited trip to Japan.

I'm absolutely stumped what to get DH. I previously got him "experience" type presents but half the time they expire before he remembers to use them. So I don't really want to do that again - and even if I did it would have to be something for when we finally get settled in our new place, so February at the earliest.

The other fail safe for DH is books about his hobby - but they'd pretty much go straight into our shipment and not be seen until February/March.

So any ideas for someone who had all the technology he needs or wants (kindle/tablet/phone), isn't ibto jewellery/watches and is generally a pain to buy for??

DDs aged 7 and 3 are also causing me stress for similar reasons, so bonus points of you can help with that too

FrogGreen Thu 20-Nov-14 11:24:01

oh bump bump bumpety bump bump

I am in exactly the same boat... moving to a new country via a holiday to a different country. And spending xmas with relatives who are also travelling, so noone wants anything that weighs more than a few ounces.

I asked DH what he wanted - a pair of bluetooth headphones that he can run with. I am getting him these: My other thought was some sort of summer clothing as we are moving from a cold place to a hot place. Did you have any better ideas?

Did you think of any ideas for your DCs? My 4yo really wants "a bike with pedals" but it would have to go straight into shipping container.

vvviola Thu 20-Nov-14 22:24:15

Some of the DC stuff was easy enough - new backpacks for carry on luggage. New water bottles (big thing with my two, and a lot of NZ kids it seems). Some books. But a "big" present is hard. Especially as I'm having to buy MIL's presents to them too long story

I'm still utterly stumped for DH.

VeryThelma Thu 20-Nov-14 22:26:14

Maybe a weekend away once you are settled? A picture of where you are moving from to remind you in your new home????

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