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Homemade pressies - any ideas?

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queenbrunhilda Mon 17-Nov-14 00:01:04

The last few years I've made little gifts for my family and friends to go alongside other presents (knitted scarves, made scented candles in vintage glasses etc). Would like to do the same this year but am feeling short of inspiration. Any ideas? Needs not to be hugely labour intensive as I need to fit in alongside work/kids etc. Thanks in advance.

attheendoftheday Mon 17-Nov-14 00:35:26

Soaps or bath salts are pretty easy.

Or make a few different types of fudge and put a couple of pieces of each into a little bag.

farendofafart Mon 17-Nov-14 10:31:57

Loads of ideas [ here]] to get you thinking.

farendofafart Mon 17-Nov-14 10:33:12

Trying the link again

there you go

BikeRunSki Mon 17-Nov-14 10:49:12

Nice biscuits in pretty tins.

HowsTheSerenity Mon 17-Nov-14 11:01:01

I make fruit mince fudge, bread and butter pickles, pickled onions and jam.
All very simple and delicious.

queenbrunhilda Mon 17-Nov-14 23:13:30

Thanks All. Anyone tried soap or bath fizzers?

Pixighirl Tue 18-Nov-14 11:57:17

glitter glasses! ive made some this year for my boys nursery teachers and the reception has been so amazing ive started selling them!! xx

OpiesOldLady Tue 18-Nov-14 12:05:24

I'm making a variety of homemade muffins. There will be

Jaffa cake muffins,
Mincemeat muffins with a brandy butter frosting
Double chocolate chip muffins with a peppermint bark
Cherry muffins with a cherry bark

Also making white/milk/dark peppermint and cherry barks, glittery cinnamon honey butter and mint truffles.

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Tue 18-Nov-14 12:08:17

skittle vodka? or other flavoured spirits?

nice chocs or sweets in a cellophane bag?

tutus or dresses for children? very easy grin

someone mentioned lip balm which im attempting this year.

get 2 part baubles on ebay and fill - we are doing lego ones

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