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Brother's FIL and BIL present ideas pls

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SuperFlyHigh Sat 15-Nov-14 16:35:11

I always get presents for brother's FIL and my BIL too.

Bro's FIL is in a wheelchair and limited use of hands due to stroke and cerebral palsy. He likes going to rugby, cinema, eating out, opera, Rummicub, reading, travel and Strictly Come Dancing amongst other interests.

Have bought in past, opera vouchers, hand warmer, guide book to foreign city he wants to go to and self stirring mug, books and can't think what else.

BIL is 26 I think, fluent in French, teaches as uni lecturer, married, was in a band, a bit quirky. Likes art, a real foodie (loves cooking) and he and his wife love pugs....

So far got him snazzy china travel mug (graphic design), foodie stuff ingredients etc Spanish themed (he loves Spain), gloves, pug calendar.

Anyway a bit stumped and wondered whether MN crimbo elves had any ideas?! Thanks a lot!

Budget £10-£15 each

schmeegle Sat 15-Nov-14 17:13:56

Not overly creative but the rugby world cup is in England next year so maybe something related to that for bros FIL?

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