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Can any of you help me find this dog please?

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JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 13:56:09

My three year old DS lost his favourite toy a couple of months ago.

He was called Sam the dog and was bought from pets at home about two years ago.
I've contacted pets at home but got nowhere and internet and eBay searches bring up Sam as in sad Sam and honey.

DS keeps talking about how Santa is going to bring him a new Sam the dog :-(

Sam was brown and white, sitting around 20 inches high......would any of you have seen these for sale anywhere, or maybe you have one your children have outgrown that I could please buy?

Failing that... Anyone got a good cover story for Santa as to why he couldn't bring a new Sam the dog?

ByTheWishingWell Sat 15-Nov-14 13:58:05

Have you got a photo?

DishwasherDogs Sat 15-Nov-14 14:06:12


DishwasherDogs Sat 15-Nov-14 14:07:04

Oh, sorry, looks like it's not available any more.

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 14:28:45

That wasn't him, but thank you.
Will see if I can find a photo, bound to have one....Sam was never far away from him.

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 14:31:28

Sam the dog is sitting behind the sleeping boy :-)

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 14:34:37

This ones a bit dark.

insanityscratching Sat 15-Nov-14 14:43:32

Any of these any good?

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 14:53:33

insanity The top two are Sam but grey and white rather than brown and cream, DS won't be fooled (how hard would it be to dye a cuddly toy?)

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 14:54:24

Thank you insanity
Forgot my manners for a moment.

slugseatlettuce Sat 15-Nov-14 15:01:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 15-Nov-14 15:07:25

Get the grey one and say he's aged a bit on his travels.

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 15:27:13

He's very similar slugs but it's not Sam, if DS was younger I'd try and palm him off but I'm worried the wrong one would upset him more than none at all, do you know why I mean? (I fear I'm coming off as being a bit precious, I really appreciate all of your help)

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 15:27:59

What I mean not why I mean blush

RudyMentary Sat 15-Nov-14 15:35:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

madsadbad Sat 15-Nov-14 16:12:22

Could Sam have gone on some mission as he was all grown and your son did such a good job looking after him, add a letter and some pics of Sam on his mission.
But Sam has a little sibling who Sam has sent to your son to look after?

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 16:41:49

Thats a good idea!

livelablove Sat 15-Nov-14 16:47:14

Yes good idea, Sam could send his younger brother and your DS emails about all his fun adventures helping Santa.

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 18:00:27

I've bought the grey and white one from eBay :-)
He will be Sams brother, named......?????

madsadbad Sat 15-Nov-14 18:16:07

Maybe let son name him?

RunawayReindeer Sat 15-Nov-14 18:50:13

Simon smile

RosesandRugby Sat 15-Nov-14 20:31:03

Ernie ?

RosesandRugby Sat 15-Nov-14 20:31:28

Or Samson ?

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Sat 15-Nov-14 20:39:43

Ooh I like Samson.

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