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Real life shopping advice

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duckbilled Fri 14-Nov-14 21:34:17

I am braving going shopping in actual, real life tomorrow.... coat on, outdoors, interaction with other people and without the comfort of amazon to compare too!
I was wondering if you lovely people could advise me of your best festive buys so far this year and where I can get my mittens on them?
I am going into a generic town centre with all the usual shops, also have home bargains, b&m, the range, john lewis, tk maxx etc.

I am really just going for inspiration and to buy 'little extras' for people but what I am really looking for is a lovely stocking for my dd, as the one I got her last year was too small when it arrived.

Any help would be appreciated grin

makemineapinot Fri 14-Nov-14 21:41:30

Primark in Glasgow saved the day today for my dc with sone fab tat including Coca Cola pjs, a penguin pj bag (£2.50), bubblegum machines were £2.90 - exactly the same as the £6 ones in TK max, and got many more stocking fillers! BHS Xmas stuff was disappointing and overpriced �� Debenhams has a good sale on and I also got some bits n pieces in a John Lewis - craft sets etc. Hollister had lots of reduced stuff like jeans for £39 (some fir £9.99 but they were naff) and dome t shirts for £10- they also do their sickly sweet body sprays fir 3for £24 instead of £11 each - got 6 to cover the teens and preteens I normally spend £10 on as they all like that kinda stuff. Shop was hideously dark and hot - in fact I had a hot flush in there in front of the scantily clad young assistant!

duckbilled Fri 14-Nov-14 21:57:28

Thanks pinot I will make sure to head to primark and Debenhams, the penguin pj bag sounds lovely!
Totally agree with your description of Hollister, applecrumble and fish is just as bad. I feel like I am walking around a episode of the walking dead in there!

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