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Teacher gifts

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Pigleychez Thu 13-Nov-14 17:54:43

I never know what to get for teachers. Its such a tricky one as I don't want to add to the pile of Chocolates that they get anyway but what?

What's everyone else giving? If anything?

imip Thu 13-Nov-14 18:00:09

I usually give posh tea bags. This time every year, ocado seems to have a deal on tea pigs tea bags. I usually buy a pack of those (4 dcs with differeent teachers, tas, different nursery classes, some SEN imput).

At the top of the mumsnet Christmas bargin thread, there is a recipie for easy truffles (I think!), I might help the older dds to make these for their teachers.

At the end of the year, we all usually club together to get vouchers, except for the last dd at nursery, so at least this is only once a year!

Sukebind Thu 13-Nov-14 18:04:42

Someone on another thread mentioned that Lidl Christmas spiced fudge was great but I think it might be ok for brownie leaders, etc but a bit small on its own. Could be coupled with some other inexpensive treats. Or I have done Amazon voucher or similar in the past, especially if it's a fairly young teacher. A friend who is a teacher said alcohol wins every time with her!

wigglesrock Thu 13-Nov-14 18:11:04

I give wine smile

LokiBear Thu 13-Nov-14 18:11:40

My favourite gift was a bauble for my tree. Wine is also nice!

imip Thu 13-Nov-14 18:17:48

I'd be all for giving wine, but some of dcs teachers are Muslim, I've seen most of them with teacups though!

It's tricky, because I don't want to give different presents either.

Personally though, if I was a teacher, I'd prefer wine to tea (though I drink both, and tea more than wine!).

Tykeisagirl Thu 13-Nov-14 18:19:49

We do a class collection via the class reps and they get vouchers for the teacher and the TAs. I'm not a teacher, but I reckon if I was I'd prefer to get a voucher over thirty boxes of chocolates and smellie sets.

rollonthesummer Thu 13-Nov-14 18:23:06

Always wine!

shadesofwinter Thu 13-Nov-14 18:38:34

I have bought a couple of these for DS's teachers. They arrived within a couple of days and they're really lovely. My MIL was a teacher and she says she always liked getting stationery (and wine. But she drinks a lot of wine!).

LokiBear Thu 13-Nov-14 18:42:21

My DH is a primary school teacher and he loves getting 30 boxes of chocolates! I'm secondary so only get one or two gifts (very gratefully received!). DH brings all of the presents and cards home and displays them proudly amongst our friends and family cards!

marne2 Thu 13-Nov-14 19:04:55

Is there such thing as ' too much chocolate'?

I would rather give food or wine, it's more likely to get used than a mug or a candle grin

Toadsrevisited Thu 13-Nov-14 19:07:12

Teacher here: wine/ chocs and a homemade card are always the best.

makemineapinot Thu 13-Nov-14 19:40:27

Love the homemade cards and getting tree decorations - when i hang one up every Christmas I always think of the child who gave it to me! Also love wine.... Need it by the time we've survived the madness of an infant dept build up to Christmas!!

makemineapinot Thu 13-Nov-14 19:46:35

I'll be giving dd's p7 teacher a bottle of red and a lovely decoration that I'll get dd to choose. Present from me us the wine, dec really from dd.

Pigleychez Thu 13-Nov-14 21:51:52

Wine is looking popular then!

The trouble is I wouldn't know a good bottle of wine at all! Is red or white best?

I like the bauble idea too. Would a personalised one be nice or just a nice glass/ ceramic one or something?

2kidsintow Thu 13-Nov-14 21:54:44

I don't like wine. sad My children love it when I get chocs as I always share. smile
I do like smellies (I rarely have to buy any as I get lovely ones), mugs, stationery, little trinkets for my or the class Christmas tree, anything home made, especially if made by the children, candles, flowers etc.

I used to give wine and box of chocolates each to DS preschool staff (4) but at nursery now there is so many and TA's that's its just a tub of celebration for all.

When I got wine I just got 2bottles of rose and 2bottles of white blossom hill (I'm not a wine drinker but my niece said this is an acceptable choice)

NeedaDiscoNap Thu 13-Nov-14 22:04:39

Wine for me too grin.

Also I have never met a teacher who would complain about too much chocolate. It's our lifeblood.

Lucylouby Thu 13-Nov-14 22:35:57

Sukebind, I'm so glad the people who volunteer to give your child a fun evening every week (the brownie leaders) deserve a small something from lidl, whereas the person being paid to do a job deserves so much more. hmm
I have two close friends who are teachers and twice a year they bring round boxes of chocolates and biscuits for us as they get so many, they just don't want to eat them all. My kids think it's great.
During the first week of December I will take in a big box of biscuits for the staff room rather than individual gifts for the teachers. my 3 children each have a teacher, at least one, if not two TAs in a class and I think the TAs deserve as much recognition as the teacher, so it is just easier to send a token in for them all to share, rather than lots of individual gifts.

Sukebind Fri 14-Nov-14 12:22:39

Lucy - I was merely passing on an exact recommendation from another poster. The brown owl at my brownies is actually a personal friend who does way more than 'just' brownies. Her input to our church's life is massive. I am sure that I can ensure I give her an appropriate gift. I see your point and agree entirely but I feel the sarcasm was completely uncalled for. Having spent the day cleaning up sick I think it just got worse!

Sukebind Fri 14-Nov-14 12:27:04

I would add that I have worked as a teacher and also as a volunteer at a weekly children's group over a period of about 12 years.

Ilikepie Fri 14-Nov-14 13:03:10

What about if you are strapped for cash? I can't even afford to get my siblings a decent £10 bottle of wine each, never mind 2 teachers and 2 teaching assistants, and then the nursery staff too. And I'd love to get them all something nice, they have been brilliant since DS1 started reception, and he is a challenging child with a few issues that require extra time and effort from them. Will a card and a communal box of biscuits be good enough considering how much they are doing for DS?

marne2 Fri 14-Nov-14 13:15:32

Your not expected to buy them anything, there have been years where I haven't bothered due to being short of cash, I have always bought my dd's TA a gift though as she works with dd 1;1 and probably puts more effort in than her teacher ( who probably gets payed a lot more ).

imip Fri 14-Nov-14 15:01:21

ilikepie there is an easy recipie for truffles on the top of the Christmas bargin thread. I couldn't afford a tender for a gift for teachers as I have 4dcs plus support staff it'd cost me a couple of hundred quid!

I think definitely in the case of teachers' presents, it is the thought that counts!

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