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Ideas to make "Christmas"; special for my friend?

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checkeredpresent Thu 13-Nov-14 07:15:57

My lovely best friend has had a difficult year and now on top of everything has had an injury which means she won't be able to walk very far or do much at all for the next few months. For one reason and another her (grown-up) dcs won't be visiting her at Christmas so she will be on her own.

I live a short flight away. She can't travel to come and stay with me so we've decided that I will go and spend a few days with her before Christmas and leave the dcs with DH.

I'm looking for ideas for things I could do to make sure she has a nice time and feels like she didn't miss out on Christmas all together. I know she won't want a fuss so it's small ways to make the time special that I'm looking for really. I can bring mince pies and mulled wine, crackers, a few decorations, gifts etc, but would like something a little different or funny too. She means so much to me and deserves some attention after all she has endured recently.

Any ideas? Thanks xx

justhereforchristmas Thu 13-Nov-14 07:46:00

could you maybe organise to do a craft with her - take all the bits and pieces and spend a day doing that. Or perhaps a Christmas movie marathon, so spend an afternoon/evening just watching Christmas movies and eating mince pies.

checkeredpresent Thu 13-Nov-14 08:24:40

Movies is a great idea - will bring some dvds with me.

Craft - I'm not very good at making things (unless you can eat it)....what kind of thing were you thinking?

She's not housebound so we can get out and about a bit, just no long walks or steps etc.

Stupidhead Thu 13-Nov-14 08:27:21

Could you make up a plate of Christmas dinner she could freeze and have on the day? Or something totally amazing to eat or nibble on that she wouldn't buy herself? And a homemade cracker just for her on the day with a letter inside telling her how much she means to you.

Aww, I want a friend like you!

checkeredpresent Thu 13-Nov-14 08:41:11

Love the cracker with the note idea! Thank you. Not sure she would want a full Christmas dinner but will think what I could maybe leave for the actual day.

Looking forward to having this time together.

forcookssake Thu 13-Nov-14 10:18:07

That's a lovely plan, I'm sure your friend will really appreciate it.
One thing to check though is whether you can fly with crackers? Or use a make-it-yourself cracker kit and don't put the snaps in maybe?
Even if crackers can't be taken, I'm sure a thoughtful note could be tucked somewhere else.
Also, if you enjoy cooking/baking, it might be a nice activity to do together while you're visiting and it would mean she had festive treats to eat after you've left and all the fond memories wrapped up in that.

FourthMary Thu 13-Nov-14 10:25:32

Can you take her to a local carol service? Really good way of getting in the festive mood or to the cinema to see a Christmas film.

Perhaps wrap her a number of gifts to open on the day with set times on the tag, give her something to look forward to as the day progresses. Could just be things like a cd to put on, magazine to read, biscuit to eat, bubble bath etc.

It's lovely that you're putting so much effort in.

checkeredpresent Thu 13-Nov-14 10:56:35

Good point about the crackers. I do have one of those kits so can put them together on arrival. I think a film is more likely than a carol service - no idea which films are coming out, anyone know?

I have a couple of gifts for her and might get one or two more but don't want to seem over the top. I'm not sure what her plans for the day are and will get more idea when we meet I guess. Suspect she will spend the day at home so will plan to skype if she would like to. I know my dcs will be happy to chat to her too.

Mainly want to have fun and make her laugh! We don't get to see each other enough so saying goodbye will be sad.

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