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11year old boy

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Jellypudmum Tue 11-Nov-14 18:56:33

My son has all of the usual gadgets etc and has said he would just like small presents this year ( dd and ds usually have one 'big' present and then lots of little ones.
I am at a loss though what to get him as he really doesn't need / want anything specific. I want him to still have the joy of presents even more so because of his selfless attitude?
What can I get him????

ClawHandsIfYouBelieveInFreaks Wed 12-Nov-14 10:09:05

I have a 10 year old DD and it's a funny age....I'm getting her some speakers which will plug into her tablet...there are loads of nice/fun/silly ones on amazon.

Also you could get him books, a mini microscope, crystals and rocks, magic tricks, tools such as a basic carpentry set and some wood to make things.

myotherusernameisbetter Wed 12-Nov-14 11:46:18

What stuff is he into?
A tent for camping out in the garden?
A game capture device for uploading video games stuff?
Subsciption to a magazine reflecting an interest?
New cases or covers for some of his kit/phone etc.
Is he into clothes at all? - maybe a coveted label hoody?

GooseyLoosey Wed 12-Nov-14 11:51:12

Ds is 11 and I buy his presents from us and 4 other family members. So far I have got

A projector for his mobile phone
An Arduino kit
A book about whittling
A digital compass/pedometer/weather gizmo
A rocket alarm clock
Fluffy slippers
A notice board for his room

ImNotReallyHere Wed 12-Nov-14 14:26:42

What's an Arduino kit?

Also stuck for ideas so watching with interest.

Jenny70 Wed 12-Nov-14 14:35:59

Water rocket (can buy kits that pump in air and propel very high)
Board games (munchkins, monopoly deal)
Electronics kit
Nano blocks - more challenging than lego and quite fun
Amazon has camera/softwaee sets that make stop motion films.

Jellypudmum Wed 12-Nov-14 22:13:54

These are great; hadn't even thought if some of them!!!smile

MirandaWest Wed 12-Nov-14 22:17:24

Am sneaking on here as I have a very nearly 11 year old who will also need Christmas presents smile

mumslife Wed 12-Nov-14 22:35:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoBloodyMore Thu 13-Nov-14 10:24:02

My 11 year old is having a laptop but other bits he has are:

Hamleys Booma night
Minecraft foam axe & sword
5 x minecraft plush toys
Minecraft wallet
pinball game

And a few other gimicky bits, magic 8 ball, duck shooting game for in the bath etc.

All of the minecraft bits were off ebay/Ali express from china and have cost about £25 in total.

mumslife Thu 13-Nov-14 13:15:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoBloodyMore Thu 13-Nov-14 13:42:14

I got the wallets from Ali express, I got 4 for about £14 where as they're £15 each on amazon. I'm giving my nephews a wallet each with £10 in, hoping it's a bit nicer than just giving cash.

mumslife Thu 13-Nov-14 19:39:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sausages123 Thu 13-Nov-14 19:51:23


mumslife Thu 13-Nov-14 20:29:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GooseyLoosey Mon 17-Nov-14 12:00:49

Just come back to this - Arduino is great if you have a boy into electronics and programming.

You can find lots of Arduino kits on Amazon and they are basically programmable circuit boards that allow you to build all kind of electronic devices (eg at a basic level - burglar alarms, traffic lights etc). I think if you had no IT knowledge you might struggle a bit but an IT savvy 11 year old boy should be OK.

mumslife Mon 17-Nov-14 12:12:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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