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does anyone know where I can get these cheap?

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SLMummy Tue 11-Nov-14 17:40:20

I've recently started a new job and as such am skintaroo so once again everyone will be getting home made gifts for Christmas.

I need to find somewhere I can buy wee jars for mulled wine and gift bags. Will probably need around 10 of each. can anyone help me?

sunflower49 Tue 11-Nov-14 17:45:01

Charity shops or markets/jumble sales.

Ask if anybody you know has any going spare? They tend to be the sort of thing that 'mounts up' in folk's houses.

lucysmam Tue 11-Nov-14 17:48:56

Home Bargains might have some nice cheap jars if there's one near you smile

McFox Tue 11-Nov-14 17:58:34

When I need jars for stuff like this I tend to look at what's in the supermarket basic ranges that I can reuse. I needed a couple of bottles so I bought pickling vinegar from Sainsburys yesterday for 90p! I'll decant and use the vinegar and the bottles will be reused for making flavoured booze gifts.

attheendoftheday Tue 11-Nov-14 18:49:13

You can get new jars on ebay for £10.25 for 12 including postage.

atticusclaw Tue 11-Nov-14 18:51:22

Buy basics jam or lemon curd for 22p and wash off the labels. Then paint the tops with blackboard paint.

Tallypet Tue 11-Nov-14 19:05:09

I think ikea do those jarst (like kilner) from 80p upwards. Not expensive at all. I used them for home made scone mixes once

catsofa Tue 11-Nov-14 19:08:46

Try a wanted ad on Freecycle/Freegle in your area, lots of people like me collect them but rarely get around to using them.

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