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Playmobil question

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Pifflingcodswollop Mon 10-Nov-14 20:15:19

Sorry if this has been done to death but am thinking of getting on request playmobil for my DC for Christmas. DD 4 wants either playground/camping/shopping mall or pony one (only one I'm not keen on is shopping mall) DS is only 2 but was staring really longingly at the ark for ages (ages for a two year old anyway!) and kept asking for the 'animals boat' after. There is playmobil 123 but can anyone let me know firstly if they could recommend one of DDs choices above the others and secondly whether DS would be ok with the Ark-I should point out he is well past putting things in his mouth and loves playing with DDs Sylvanian families stuff.I'm kind of keen just to get the normal stuff as will last longer,but don't want to get it if he is really unlikely to be able to manage-I have no experience of playmobil so not sure just how fiddly it is?
Grateful for advice from Mumsnet's Playmobil experts!grin

northernmummeh Mon 10-Nov-14 20:20:31

I'm not sure how much it's changed but when I was little (ok 25 years ago) I had the playground set and loved it. I never really played make believe stuff with it but liked to just set it up and faff with layouts. Dd is 2.5 and plays with it like I did, quite mechanically grin

newtonupontheheath Mon 10-Nov-14 20:21:08

We have some playmobil (fire engine, bin wagon, helicopter) for ds(4) and whilst dd (2) plays nicely with it, I'd still consider the 123 if I was buying specifically for her.

Also, I've eyed the ark up and I've heard it's HUGE. Jus say in' wink

Sorry I can't recommend any of the bits you mentioned-although I hear the pool is good too!

NormanTheForeman Mon 10-Nov-14 20:23:49

Camping stuff would be good I reckon, and lots of people recommend the camper van. For the 2 year old, the vehicles would be fine, although some of the smaller accessories might be a bit fiddly. But it would definitely be played with for a lot longer than the 123. smile

GruffalosGirl Mon 10-Nov-14 20:25:42

We've got the ark and dd(3.5) still plays with it lots. They also love the 123 house, I think that's my best ever toy buy.

We've gone with the campervan for her for this Christmas and the swimming pool for ds(5) and they both look great but I haven't got them out of the box yet!

Leeds2 Mon 10-Nov-14 20:27:00

I would avoid 123 if you are happy he could cope with the real thing!

DD's favourites were the airport, zoo and bin wagon, so that isn't much help! We didn't have any of the things you mention.

MrsPear Mon 10-Nov-14 20:31:48


DS1 got the whale pool and campsite for his birthday. However he sees it as a pool with toilets and a shop. You will need some space to store. I cleared three shelves of my billy bookcase to store although this does include the fire station and engine! He loves it. In case you are a bit funny about mess the pool is a water toy so i put down our plastic backed picnic rug to save carpet! There are lots of tiny accessories and i store these in tupperware tubs. The big pieces have to stay whole for sanity reasons - it takes a while to put together so if you have a busy christmas day it may be better to put together first then put in a big box covered in christmas paper.

As for an ark there is a basic 123 model that ds2 got last Christmas when he just turned one. He plays with that but gets annoyed that the ramp doesn't stay up! His animals often go for a ride in his 123 bus too. All the animals and people go back inside and it fits in the toy box.

I love playmobil in the sense that it is meant to come apart and therefore can be fixed.

Hope my rambles help

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Mon 10-Nov-14 20:33:22

We don't have the regular ark, but DS had the children's zoo at 3, and it looks similar in terms of size of pieces etc. If he's past the mouthing stage then I'm sure your DS would be fine with it. You can always put teeny tiny bits away if you need to without impacting on play value, but we never had to with DS.

For the eldest, the camping stuff looks really good with lots of play value - lots of different sets available to add to it if you've got family looking for ideas etc. There's also a smaller playground set which could be added to campsite too.

Yoruba Wed 12-Nov-14 23:13:52

We have the playground. It's fab - our best Playmobil set. They love it. It's part of the zoo, in the garden of the house and easy even for 2 year old ds to manage. Id def go for Playmobil rather than 123 - I think that's better for 1+ than 2 1/2 really. It doesn't have enough detail to hold their attention.

Don't have ponies but that sounds good - also camping. Like you I prob wouldn't be keen on mall, can't be much other than a mall really so limited value.

namelessposter Wed 12-Nov-14 23:16:45

Costco have the ark at present. We have it, it gets lots of play. Also the camper can is great. And we have the camping set ready to go under the tree :-)

NoEgowoman Wed 12-Nov-14 23:31:28

The camper van is great. We often take it on holiday as there is lots you can do with it. We have lots of other sets, most from eBay.

5toocoolforschool Wed 12-Nov-14 23:38:20

you could always give it to him but take out the ultra tiny bits.I know you said he doesnt put things in his mouth,but he will probably lose them!

CookiecutterShark Wed 12-Nov-14 23:41:26

We have vets and ponies mainly. Dd (4) had it for Christmas last year. It's been played with loads and ds (2) also plays with it - they mostly fight over the ponies! We're getting fairies and unicorns this year. I would recommend that whichever set you go for you also get a carry case set to match as they are great for keeping the smallest bits in. We hid the smallest bits from ds in it to begin with, though now we've realised that he puts everything in his mouth regardless of size so I let him have everything assuming the smallest things would probably be the safest if swallowed! He actually has never swallowed any, he just likes to suck it for a while hmm

Nearlyadoctor Thu 13-Nov-14 06:56:53

cookiecutterShark also looking at Unicorns and Fairies, just wondering what sets you were thinking of buying.

HoHoHappyHolidays Thu 13-Nov-14 08:06:28

My DSs 2yo and 3.5yo both play with the normal playmobil. I bought them a 123 set and they didn't like it.

TheBiggestDinosaur Thu 13-Nov-14 09:05:23

I think normal Playmobil is fine for a 2 year old, especially an animal set like the ark. My DC have both played happily with Playmobil from that age, though they have needed help to make the figures hold things.

We have some pony stuff and a farm, and the swimming pool, and they are all great. I had earlier versions of the playground and camper van when I was a child, and though some bits are now broken or lost, most of it still gets played with by my DC, and it is very well-loved too.

I love the look of the new playground, I would be getting that if I were you. I'd quite like it myself

We don't have the big shopping centre, but we do have a boutique and a hairdresser set (which I think can be combined with the shopping mall). It is quite fiddly - lots of small bottles of shampoo and hair accessories and handbags; I actually keep it separate from all the other playmobil (which just gets flung in a big box) because it has so many tiny little pieces. DD really wanted it, but it gets played with a lot less than any of the other stuff. You can snap different clothes on to the shopping mall figures, but then they can't sit down, which frustrates DD, although she was so excited about the concept of it initially.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Thu 13-Nov-14 09:09:23

My DD2 plays with her big sister stuff without any issue. Putting really fiddly elements back together are beyond her though. Heads on flowers, that sort of thing so try to avoid as it makes a quick tidy up a faff.

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