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what on earth is going on the M&S stock control?

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bitterandtwisted349 Mon 10-Nov-14 14:09:37

Being organised have a list of wants and decided to order some clothes for adults, popping a few bits in the basket, while I was there thought I'd get the obligatory socks and trunks for the boys but no sizes available - gave up on that, went to party shirts - again nothing in above 3yrs old. Spent another hour or so digging around, even patterened tights minimal sizes available. Went to basket started to pay then a message pops up that one item is no longer in stock - WT??? really? so ended up with only 3 items. Its only November what is the problem with M&S? What do I do now pray that the item will become available soon or give up?

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Mon 10-Nov-14 14:16:38

Just been online myself so much out stock in kidswear I have given up.

Card holders get vouchers this week and marks Spencer are offering them 25% off online in certain departments clothes being one if they use the card holder vouchers to pay that's what my email says anyway.

bitterandtwisted349 Mon 10-Nov-14 14:21:23

9-10 years there seems to be little stock at all
5-6 yrs also struggling. Went for a Medium men's shirt that went in the time I was ordering. Surely, if you are doing promotions then you bring in more stock? Dont you think its shooting themselves in the foot as people go elsewhere?

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Mon 10-Nov-14 14:28:20

M&S are useless. I ordered underskirts for my auntie and paid for them, waited a month, was told they were in store, went to collect them and was told- rudely- they had not been delivered and I could not have them. I then waited two weeks to get my money back.

I simply can't understand why they said they were in store when they were out of stock and I'd already waited a month!

RedToothBrush Mon 10-Nov-14 15:59:38

Their website is dreadful. I couldn't find something I found in store. I found something similar and clicked on that. Then on the right appeared other items you might like. Including the item I wanted in the first place. I clicked on that which was great, but when I looked in that department again, it was no where to be seen. Then thirty minutes later I tried to find again only to find it in the correct place. I've then been in store and can't find items there (one of their huge flagship stores) but found other similar items which I had previously tried to find online but couldn't... You get the idea.

Total fucking nightmare and deeply frustrating.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Mon 10-Nov-14 16:01:58

They had another 20% off day last week. Stock levels are always a nightmare from about mid-morning onwards when they do that. Is it really a surprise to them that this encourages people to buy stuff? confused

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