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What have you bought your DCs for Xmas (in pictures)? Xmas lovers only please [title edited by MNHQ at OP's request, ho ho ho!]

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SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 18:55:22

Following on from the tits up thread linking to nm piture thread by a another poster, I am braving our own on here and dawning a flame proof suit... will do each dd individually

Proud christmas lovers, feel free to join in.

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 18:56:50

Dd1(11) just started hers still to buy her clothes, hurraches and perfume, pjs and stocking fillers too

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 18:59:08

Dd2 (9) still to get pjs, perfume and stocking fillers

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 19:00:06

Dd2s continued

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 19:00:49

Shared present for dd1&2

RJnomore Sat 08-Nov-14 19:01:46

What's huaraches?

This isn't going to end well I suspect but go you. I genuinely have never been able to post a photo on here

I've wrapped most stuff already anyway. I could have done you a stocking photo I suppose?

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 19:02:23

Dd3 (2) just stocking to buy

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 19:04:05

Continued dd3

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 19:05:26

Still dd3

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 19:06:26

And done...

I'm be so tempted to unwrap the presents if I didn't hate doing it in the first place.

I'd not I'm

LuckyLopez Sat 08-Nov-14 19:07:29

Am I missing something?

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 19:08:43

To finnish off this wee chubby baby is mine and dhs christmas to each other

RJnomore Sat 08-Nov-14 19:08:50

<squints at see choo>

Is that you, I think it might be but then again I think dd3 might be too young. Did dd3 get a kitchen last christmas?

If so I've been wondering where you were, not seen you around for a while!

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 19:11:20

Yes she did RJnomore

MrsRaegan Sat 08-Nov-14 19:12:25

Your brave! My nearly 2 year old would have that tablet smashed within an hour.

I go over the top. Always will. I love giving gifts.

Here's mine to be shared between the 4 of them:

Tbh saga that satsuma is far to big, in a few weeks there be little diddy ones to buy which should see you through til next xmas

RJnomore Sat 08-Nov-14 19:16:08

Saga I hope they are only allowed to play with that toy for thirty minutes each before they have to take it to the homeless shelter to give to Less Fortunate Children?

Notbythehaironmychinnychinchin Sat 08-Nov-14 19:16:45

grin @ saga

SeeChooJimmy Sat 08-Nov-14 19:16:45

I am hoping someone else joins In mrsraegan as a few said they would like to have a picture thread on here so I bit the bullet. She's really good with her sister's so im not worried about it, will be in a cover

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Sat 08-Nov-14 19:16:56

Fuck me that's a lot of stuff

You think, Ehric? What should I do away with, the goat or the satsuma?

TerryDolittle Sat 08-Nov-14 19:18:41

I would put pics up but I'm appallingly bad at getting all the presents together anything before Christmas Eve. grin

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