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What is on your Christmas Wish List?

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jenmcspen Sat 08-Nov-14 17:07:00

I keep getting asked by my OH and family what I would like for Christmas. I am hopeless at coming up with ideas, especially as am expecting our first baby in Jan so my attention is focused on that!
So, what is on your Christmas Wish List this year?
Or any ideas for what I can ask for that is not baby related but may make my life as a new mum easier?

Everythingwillbeok Sat 08-Nov-14 17:35:47

Mine consists of:
But I also have a Christmas Eve birthday
Vivienne Westwood Boudoir perfume
Black xs perfume by Paco Rabanne
A M&S family planner
A big box of lush goodies
New PJs
Bottle of Malibu.
I'm boring though and ask for the same every year! But it's tradition now and I love all those things so much and wouldn't buy any of them myself.

VampiresLoveNECKtarines Sat 08-Nov-14 17:42:40

- Vegetarian dolly mixture
- Santa guaranteeing my DS will get into my 1st choice Primary School
- A pug dog

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