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What's in the stockings?

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trulysuperior Sat 08-Nov-14 14:30:42

I'm a miser when it comes to presents from me (just one), but go mad on the stockings. Just being nosy as to what other people have in them (pictures optional fwink)

Mine have
Festive friends
a tree decoration
chocolate coins
a Satsuma
tube of sweets
chocolate santa
shiny coin
giant party popper
can of silly string
led bike valve
stick on moustaches
led shoelaces
The snowman handwarmers
mini microscope

ds also has
toy motorbike
mask of favourite celebrity
bike light
fake poo

dd has
hair clips
cat shaped ring
and need to get her a couple of other bits, probably a sylvanian figure or something else for the dollshouse.

They also get an actual present from Father Christmas. Every year I think I have too much in the stockings and will buy less next year but I never do!

PesoPenguin Sat 08-Nov-14 14:37:33

We're the opposite as ds (5) is having a real motorbike and gear, so his stocking is a bit meagre ( not that he can complain) so he's got/ will have:

Insulated cup ( to take hot chocolate to his trials)
Hot chocolate
2x free-from-the-paper Lego sets
A tube of jelly tots
A keyring with his name on ( for his bike key)
Chocolate coins

Missm00 Sat 08-Nov-14 14:42:50

My dd's stocking will have
Chocolate coins
Christmas outfit
Bath toy
Small toy

And her little brothers will be very similar

trulysuperior Sat 08-Nov-14 14:43:11

Don't tell ds, he would kill for his own motorbike!

poolomoomon Sat 08-Nov-14 15:04:37

Three DC aged 4, 3, 2. I imagine the older they get the more stocking gifts will change but right now they get;

Wash mitt
One gets bubble bath, other gets body/hair wash and other gets hand wash. This year I've gone with the beautiful Belle and Boo ones.
Lindt chocolate Santa
Satsuma for traditional purposes
Sugar mice also for traditional purposes
A bath toy
Girls are getting hair clips/bobbles
Small toy each- girls have a lovely retro boy and girl toy and boy has a wooden toy plane

They get their pjs, socks, slippers, chocolate coins, festive friends, marshmallows and night before Christmas book in Christmas Eve stockings.

North Pole breakfast stockings on 1st December get Christmas pjs, lush christmas bath bomb, christmas toy each (gone for the ELC toy box ones this year), christmas activity each so stickers, snap cards etc, christmas colouring book each, christmas plush toy (this year it's the snowman), Christmas pudding nakd bar and the arctic bear yo yo snack bags.

Phew grin. Three different stocking/hampers in this household. Bit hectic.

anyoldname76 Sat 08-Nov-14 15:12:41

My dd has got a keyring, copperfoil, giant choc coin, Christmas socks, and a set of lipglosses. My 2 ds have both got a captain America handwash, Christmas socks, matchbox car, top trumps and a. giant choc coin. They will also have a disposable camera each

RJnomore Sat 08-Nov-14 15:28:04

Oh god I've just got the stocking stuff out and thanks to the bargain thread, I've got way to much to fit in.

My DDs are 10 and 15.

Both have -
Chocolate coins
Chocolate Santa
Mallow lolly
Pencil with rabbit eraser
Multi coloured pencil
Snowman stacking crayons
Bracelet from Avon
Avon snowman bubble bath
Lush bath bomb
Lucky kitty erasers
Retro Cadbury/frys coaster
Nail polish (dd1 has two)
Purse - Japanese cartoon style for dd1, watermelon slice for dd2
Dangly man bag charm thing
Japanese cartoon pen
Avon lip balm
Dinosaur eggs
Vitamin balloon
Small folding fan
Ball of hair ties
Owl eraser on a tree stump sharpener
Nail file

Dd1 also has-
Honey blossom soap
Jelly belly candle
Mint humbug sweeteas(peppermint tea)
A sachet of chai latte (she's a real tea Jenny)
Elemis exfoliating wash and lip balm
4 black eyeliners (I kept forgetting and buying more when they were 99p in Avon)
Ninja bunny post it tabs
Fake turquoise bracelet
Breakthrough breast cancer target pin
Laura mercier eyeshadow
Two hand warmers pack
Molton brown sample size hand wash and shower gel (from buying for me)
Mini bath oil and body wash from space nk sale
A little cadburys teddy bear

Dd2 has-

Juggling balls
Finger lights
Touchable bubbles
Mini Hama beads
Bike wheel light thing
Invisible spy pen
Another little bracelet
Monsters ink shrinked face cloth thing
Balloon helicopter

Dd1 seems to have done rather well. I nearly had a fit when I emptied the drawer.

PesoPenguin Sat 08-Nov-14 15:29:15

How old is he truelysuperior? Ds will freak out when he sees it! I'm sooo excited fgrin

Biggamehunter Sat 08-Nov-14 15:36:19

Our stockings aren't that big!

Ds (5) has:

Some Star Wars figures
A book
Some sweets
Chocolate snowman
Woolly hat
Bath toys
Sticky insects
Small dinosaurs
Turtles bubble bath
Small lego sets
Small soft toy
Playmobile figures

Think that's it and it might not all fit!

KnittedJimmyChoos Sat 08-Nov-14 15:38:06

Ummm must add some bath stuff to mine.

Digi bird


gold coins

satsuma ( hates them)

sparkly gold crown head band

sparkly hair bands

voice changer

tube sweets,

little soft toy.

KnittedJimmyChoos Sat 08-Nov-14 15:39:04

oh and some balloons for modelling

KnittedJimmyChoos Sat 08-Nov-14 15:42:36

I have also decided to buy them a new outfit for dec 1 from h and m, gorgeous reindeer top

also a white jumper with gold stars, and trousers with stars.

for one dd got the next winter bedding. We are doing santa train 28th november so when come back will give the christmas outfits start the season a proper. however will hold out for decs going up as long as I can probably till mid December because....I keep my decs up as long as I want once until valentines blush sorry op, derailed a bit here.

RJnomore Sat 08-Nov-14 15:51:18

Our stockings aren't that big either!

I may wrap the elemis stuff and the tea separately.

RJnomore Sat 08-Nov-14 15:52:18

Oh shit I usually put a tube of sweets in every year too, I'm going to have to be creative packing these.

BedPig2013 Sat 08-Nov-14 15:58:53

Dd is having
"Thats not my books" recycled from last Christmas
crayons and paper
vests and socks
chocolate santa or reindeer

In her Christmas eve hamper she's got
snow dog teddy and dvd
flannel, towel and bath fizzer
hot chocolate sachets
nightgown and pyjamas
"In the Night Garden" Christmas book

Everythingwillbeok Sat 08-Nov-14 16:03:23

A soap and glory mother pucker lipgloss
A topshop voucher
A Starbucks voucher
A giant candy cane
A small Yankee candle-candy cane lane
A lush bath bomb
Some rose and violet creams

Paul frank lipglosses
Small Yankee candle- angels wings
Lush bath bomb
Thorntons snowman lolly
Adventure time top trumps
Giant candy cane

TooManyCuddlies Sat 08-Nov-14 16:18:45

Stockings are my favourite part of Christmas shopping.

DC1 will have PJs, colouring book and pens, small lego set, audio book, gingerbread man, candy cane, satsuma.

DC2 will have onesie, sticker book, small cuddly toy, audio book, shortbread teddy, chocolate buttons, satsuma.

OhCobblers Sat 08-Nov-14 16:27:38


small lego friends box
Disney store cup
Disney princess book
Small pen set
Mini stationery set
loom band set
Soft toy
Horse palace pet
Sweet and chic coins

Dc1 pretty much the same but instead of Disney princess stuff more "boyish" related stuff!!

amy83firsttimer Sat 08-Nov-14 16:46:36

Only have DH to do a stocking for (baby due Monday but not bothering with presents for it)

DH has / will have :
Book or 3
Body shop solid-ish shaving cream
Bike valve light thing
Touch screen gloves
Selection box
Razor blades
Chilli sauce or dried chillies

I need to stop doing him a stocking don't I? blush

trulysuperior Sat 08-Nov-14 17:13:05

Peso he will be 7 in December. He loves motorbikes and motocross. We're lucky enough to live somewhere with two big motocross events each year that he can watch but we have no outdoor storage space, nor any land where he could ride.

I'm never going to fit what I've got into the stockings, even with packaging removal.

trulysuperior Sat 08-Nov-14 17:15:25

Oh yes and to fit more in I always put half a pair of tights in each and the contents then spill over the top of the actual stocking whilst still being contained.

trulysuperior Sat 08-Nov-14 17:16:13

Oh yes and to fit more in I always put half a pair of tights in each and the contents then spill over the top of the actual stocking whilst still being contained.

Not sure I've explained that very well??

lauraR1989 Sat 08-Nov-14 17:17:49

Stocking fillers I tend to buy stuff I know will get used or bits that add on to what they have etc, so stocking's tend to be quite expensive.

DS1 - 5.5 years

Leappad Thomas Game
Leappad Spongebob Game
Marvel notebook
Marvel pencil case
Marvel colouring book
Marvel pen/pencil set
Marvel stationary set
Marvel 2nd stationary set
Marvel Wash Set

Still need to get socks, pants, disney dvd, marvel dvd, marvel story book, marvel pen set, marvel annual

DS2 - 3 next week

Batman Wash Set
Disney Cars Diecast Boost
Disney Cars Diecast Cora Copper
Disney Cars Diecast Mater
Disney Cars Diecast Raouel Caroule
Disney Cars Diecast Snot Rod
Disney Cars Diecast The King
Mickey Mouse book & torch set
Mobigo Mickey Mouse Game
Mobigo Scooby Doo Game
6 x thomas books
Cars colour pack
Cars pencil case
Madagascar box set
Superher Lego set
Thomas dvd
Wii Tor Story
Xbox 360 Sesame street

Only really need to get socks & pants, disney dvd and annual

agoodbook Sat 08-Nov-14 17:25:31

My family are all grown up, but we still see them and they get stockings -hand knitted by my best friend when they were babies which always have, and will aways have
Shiny pennies
nuts in shells
chocolates ( they are just now 2 or 3 expensive hand made ones!)
something small and silly

Sadly SIL's have to manage with a bag, as I'm not knitting them stockings with their name on grin

OhCobblers Sat 08-Nov-14 18:03:56

amy83 why??!! I've been doing a stocking since we were married for DH. Admittedly I get stuck on what to get him but ends up being part of the fun finding new, small and exciting bits - I would never stop doing it!!!

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