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Last year I received a money saving voucher from M&S...

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VampiresLoveNECKtarines Fri 07-Nov-14 19:45:32

Last year November/December time (I don't remember) when I shopped in M&S, when the cashier gave me the receipt they also gave me a money off voucher if I spent x amount.

Does anyone remember anything else about this as I want to buy food presents from M&S.

TIA smile

MsAspreyDiamonds Sat 08-Nov-14 06:35:09

They give vouchers regularly through the year with a specified expiry date.
Have a look online to see if there are any offers on atm on the food that you want to buy. The offers may work out better than the �5 voucher if you spend x amount.

Their Christmas house biscuit tin and Italian Dessert choc box are �5 each now instead of �10.

acemay Sat 08-Nov-14 10:49:22

I got an email from M&S yesterday with a code for 25% off various departments including food . Might be worth signing up to the newsletter or if you want to try my code (not sure if it's tied to my account but I won't be using it) feel free to pm me. I think it's online only though not instore. Valid til the 12th.

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