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Men's Leather Holdall..... Any ideas?

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georgeousgeorge Wed 05-Nov-14 15:49:31

DH is notoriously difficult to buy for confused

Had a bright idea of a leather holdall..... BUT, would you get

M&S (not very posh, seems like something you would buy yourself)

or spend more on a branded item.... which is a bit more than I would normally spend.

I did also look at smythson (£1500 shock) and others Paul Smith (£895) but these are definitely over budget....

Or any other ideas?

TranquilityofSolitude Wed 05-Nov-14 17:04:46

I got my DH a Barbour leather holdall a couple of years ago. I think it was this one.

It has a lovely tartan interior and is very smart. DH uses it for work and also for going away with friends etc.

I think I found it for a bit less than that - I'll have a look and see if I can find it cheaper.

TranquilityofSolitude Wed 05-Nov-14 17:06:45

Yes, it's much cheaper here.

lavendersun Wed 05-Nov-14 17:12:54

I really like Tusting for proper leather goods, not sure if you like that sort of thing.

One of my bags is now 15 years old and has probably had ten years of daily use with seasonal changes, made from saddle leather.

Not cheap but we both have briefcases by them, a wash bag, I have two handbags and have ordered another one for Christmas:

georgeousgeorge Wed 05-Nov-14 21:35:17

Thank you both!

I suppose I'm wondering is it worth spending 5-600 ?

TranquilityofSolitude Thu 06-Nov-14 10:24:09

Personally I don't think so - I think the Barbour one I bought looks as if it cost more than it did. The leather and lining are good quality. I'd also be worried about DH losing it or leaving it somewhere, but then that's my DH, not necessarily yours! It's up to you though, and perhaps depends on whether or not you have the kind of DH who would recognise and appreciate a £600 bag! grin

lavendersun Thu 06-Nov-14 10:57:40

For me it is but we both appreciate the quality of the leather and craftsmanship and the longevity of the bag. I suppose that you need to be sure he will like it though (or that you like it enough to use it!).

Tusting are so nice to deal with, I returned something for a new zip after ten years and they just replaced it .. no charge.

blindcaptaincat Thu 06-Nov-14 10:59:37

I bought DH a tan leather Rowallan of Scotland holdall a couple of years ago on eBay. It has a lovely tartan (possibly) interior and lots of pockets and is wearing well. Cost about £95 and is lovely IMO.

lavendersun Thu 06-Nov-14 11:01:27

Have just looked at the Barbour one - looks very nice, if you weren't 100% sure about it I would go for the cheaper Barbour one.

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