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jamtoast12 Tue 04-Nov-14 13:02:21


I am after taylor swift concert tickets which go on sale at 9:30am Friday. I have never bought concert tickets before - which is the best way? Phone, online? Which company? How realistic are ones chances! Dds would love this and it would be given as a surprise for Xmas


Merrow Tue 04-Nov-14 14:44:19

Are you signed up for her mailing list? A quick squint on google shows that if you are you get access to the presale. Might be too late, but here's the link to sign up and ticketmaster have presale tickets for London on sale from tomorrow.

What city are you looking for? Weirdly ticketmaster is only showing London as being sold through them. Ents24 say they'll have tickets for all the venues; I've found that their booking fees are often a pound or two higher, but they're a reputable company.

In terms of general tips: be signed in to the site before you go through the booking process, be on the site at least 15 minutes before tickets go on sale, start refreshing constantly a couple when it's a minute or two before they go on sale (on the off change their 9.30 is slightly different than your 9.30). Have your card details to hand and I imagine, considering it's Taylor Swift, be prepared to spend a lot! Also think about what tickets you want first: it's only once you've selected specific tickets that they're actually held for you for a limited period, so 9.31 on Friday would be a bad time to start thinking about if you want standing / seating.

When I've been desperate for tickets I've had the phone in one hand and a couple of different web pages open, but it's always been the websites that I've actually succeeded through.

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