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Nice Christmassy pyjamas - for me!

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StickLady Mon 03-Nov-14 22:05:43

I haven't seen any nice Christmassy pyjamas and I really want some for myself this year. Has anyone seen any?


Chillycamper Mon 03-Nov-14 22:12:41

I've bought some penguin, owls with snowflakes, red tartan from here (not all for me!

IssyStark Mon 03-Nov-14 22:19:12

M&S have some Nordic patterned ones in both grey and red.

ArthurChristmas Mon 03-Nov-14 22:21:07

Sainsburys! Just hot back and they have a huge selection. Tartan, fleecy, Nordic, snowflake..........I went in a lightning storm as it was the end of the 25% off sale (that's what this thread has done to me!)

jopickles Tue 04-Nov-14 08:25:58

Tesco had some lovely sets in

poolomoomon Tue 04-Nov-14 08:32:09

I like the Cath Kidston Billie ones but the price is just shock. Can't justify it for pjs you really can't get away with wearing outside of December tbh. But they are beautiful... <sigh>

574ejones Tue 04-Nov-14 21:10:46

Yes, I love the Sainsburys ones and a good price too!

nic013 Tue 04-Nov-14 22:29:29

There were some nice ones in Primark that I bought last year.

tanya1312 Wed 05-Nov-14 05:58:04

I got the red let it snow top and reindeer /snowflake ones from sainsburys in the 25% off sale , hoping to get the olaf ones from primark too x

StickLady Thu 06-Nov-14 06:19:53

Ta everyone!

waithorse Thu 06-Nov-14 06:51:03

Next have some.

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