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Disney infinity2 marvel and Disney infinity!

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toffeelolly Mon 03-Nov-14 19:14:23

Yes I am totally clueless about the both. Ds 9 is getting Xbox360 for Christmas and have got him Disney infinity 2 marvel and ds6 was thinking about Disney infinity for him .
Would it be silly to have the 2 or are they different. Has anyone got both? Was also looking at the new Skylanders trap team so it would be between Disney infinity or skylanders. Can anybody advise me please?

RustyParker Mon 03-Nov-14 20:54:36

My DS (7) has both Disney Infinity games. Disney Infinity (the 1st game) is very Disney-esque and I would say might be a bit young for a 9 year old. Disney Infinity Marvel is much better; the developers seem to have learnt a lot from the first game and would appeal more to the 7+ market. The characters, stories, character abilities are better.

The figures from DI can be used on the new DI Marvel but only in the toy box and the playset pieces won't work on the DI Marvel either so you won't be able to use, say, the Lone Ranger playset on DI Marvel.

We're getting DS Skylander Trap Team for xmas and I don't know anyone who has it yet so can't comment on the game itself I'm afraid. My DS has the other Skylander games and does enjoy them. You can pick up the earlier Skylander packs like Skylander Giants or Swap Force for much cheaper now if you want to see if you DS gets on with the game and likes it before you splash out on the new one?

Suppose it depends if your DS is into Superheroes really. Neither option Marvel or Trap Team are cheap though are they?! I daren't add up how much I've paid for the figures in total confused

toffeelolly Mon 03-Nov-14 22:31:57

Thanks for your reply, am thinking of skylanders over Disney infinity. Trying to keep both boys happy.Yes and the bad think is the cost of the figures .. Will let ds1 use his own pocket money to buy

RustyParker Mon 03-Nov-14 22:36:19

Sounds like a plan wink

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