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What have you bought for your 10 year olds?

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marne2 Mon 03-Nov-14 13:38:09

Or what are you planning on buying?

I just got out everything I have bought for dd1 to see how much I had got her and it looks like hardly anything. She usually has quite a big pile and up until this year has not asked for a large/expensive gift. This year she has asked for a hudl and the new pokemon 3ds game ( which comes to £160, though I did use tesco vouchers for the hudl ). I usually get quite a lot and spend around £150 on each of the dd's but this year the piles look a bit tiny. I have got her a pokemon hoody, a t shirt and a tummy stuffer so she has a few presents to open. Does this sound enough? Do 10 year olds really care about how many presents they get?

How many presents have you got your 10 year olds?

I guess I'm just twitching grin

DillydollyRIP Mon 03-Nov-14 13:51:03

My 11 yr old has asked for an iPad. Got the original ipad mini for £179 but she knows not to expect anything else.

I have got her a case for it, some books, sweets, smellies and clothes (which she needs anyway). Her pile is still going to be weeny compared to her 17m old sister though.

I'm hoping to do a hunt for her to find the ipad hidden somewhere to eek out the gift opening.

marne2 Mon 03-Nov-14 14:06:15

That's a good idea ( I pad hunt ). I'm going to get her some lush bath bombs and some sweets to bulk it up a little, I know she will be happy with the hudl and probably won't touch much else anyway, just feels a bit sad that the piles are getting smaller yet more expensive sad. Her sister has a huge pile and I have only spend around £70 on her ( I need to get her main present but that won't be any more than £40 ).

mumof6needssanity Mon 03-Nov-14 15:04:58

Ive got my dd 10 in April a reconditioned laptop, which I have loaded Microsoft and mine craft on to. Plus some earrings, nail varnish, dressing gown. I ve spent about £150 in total, it's not a big pile but she is old enough tic appriciate the value of what she has. Unlike some of her siblings hmm

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