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advent calender activities?

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lymiemum Mon 03-Nov-14 11:33:11

i have decided to give making our own advent calendar up a go..
so im going to do a few days with sweets, some little gifts etc, but i want things to do to put in some days.
things like
decorate the tree
visit santa
write letters to santa
watch xmas film
go out for hot chocolate...
any other ideas you can think of?

differentnameforthis Mon 03-Nov-14 11:38:38

How about a little

Christmas craft

Christmas baking

Awakeagain Tue 04-Nov-14 11:28:22

Are you on pintrest? I've loads of ideas saved on there

Elf arrives
North Pole breakfast
Visit santa
Tree up
Xmas movie
Gingerbread house and men (ikea)
Make decorations
Various Christmas crafts
Make christmas trees from ice cream cones
Christmas lights

dinkystinky Tue 04-Nov-14 11:34:38

make reindeer food (popcorn with edible glitter)
make and decorate xmas cookies
Christmas tree safari walk (basically go for a walk and try to find as many lit up xmas trees as you can find)
Elf yourself video on elf yourself app (hours of fun)

Awakeagain Tue 04-Nov-14 11:37:23

Christmas/winter playdough
Homemade cards - nice hand and footprint ideas
Christmas colouring pages
Snowflake making
Christmas cake decorating
Make a snow globe
Christmas lego patterns
Snow man soup
Christmas light scavenger hunt
Christmas puzzles
Red and green dinner
Paper chains

Awakeagain Tue 04-Nov-14 11:38:04

Love the idea of Christmas tree walk!

Awakeagain Tue 04-Nov-14 21:25:42
Scroll down for activity ideas

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