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Best scooter for 3 year old

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pebblepots Sun 02-Nov-14 19:49:28

My dd has a 'my first scooter' from toys r us but it doesn't seem very good for scooting on. She can't even fit both feet on it. Could I have some recommendations on what is the best scooter to get please? We see kids whizzing about on them but dd's only moves as long as she keeps pushing with her leg all the time!

I'll attach a picture of the one she has


attheendoftheday Sun 02-Nov-14 20:07:02

Mini micro scooter is the bomb, expensive but has been worth it for us. Dd1 was able to scoot well before her 3rd birthday, dd2 is 20 months and can just about manage one already.

puddock Sun 02-Nov-14 20:09:16

Yup, mini micro. It may be twice the price, but it's ten times as good - speedy, easy to steer, quiet - love ours.

PogoBob Sun 02-Nov-14 20:41:18

Another vote for mini micro. DD got one for her second birthday and will be upgrading to a maxi micro at Christmas after 2.5 years of solid use, finds it really easy to use and zooms around.

DS has started trying to use DD's scooter and get get round on it already at 21mo! We will be getting him a mini micro for his 2nd birthday just after Christmas.

Smartiepants79 Sun 02-Nov-14 20:44:39

Mini micro. They are the best. My Dd has been scooting happily on hers since she was about 20 months. They are worth every penny.

Sleepysheepsleeping Sun 02-Nov-14 20:47:33

Mini micro all the way!

SylvaniansKeepGettingHoovered Sun 02-Nov-14 20:52:12

Yep, mini micro.

pebblepots Sun 02-Nov-14 20:52:43

Thanks, mumsnet has spoken grin

MrsAmaretto Sun 02-Nov-14 20:53:11

Mini Micro!

pebblepots Sun 02-Nov-14 20:53:40

Where is best (cheapest!) to get one from?

Fancyachive Sun 02-Nov-14 20:56:52

Deffo the mini micro

ChocolateWombat Sun 02-Nov-14 20:59:57

Buy them from the micro scooter website or John Lewis.
You don't tend to find them reduced much.
Also look on might get a good second hand one, but they don't sell cheaply either.

bearwithspecs Sun 02-Nov-14 21:01:20

Mini micro

ireallydontlikemonday Sun 02-Nov-14 21:17:14

Mini micro!

pigleychez Sun 02-Nov-14 21:25:30

Def mini micro! DD1 had a cheap scooter which she struggled with. DD2 then got a mini micro for xmas and it was miles better! DD1 was soooo jealous that her younger sister was whizzing past her! We ended up buying DD1 the maxi scooter and they both whizz along with ease together.

We got our Mini micro from JoJoMamanBebe using a 15% code but they have stopped the codes against scooters. We got the Maxi from Ebay ( they hold their price well)

pebblepots Sun 02-Nov-14 22:34:42

Purchased smile she'll be able to keep up with the other kids now!

ChocolateWombat Tue 04-Nov-14 07:11:35

Apparantly they are the best selling toy in John Lewis and have been for years.
Unusual to get consensus on MN, so I think you are onto a winner. Enjoy!

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