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Playmobil, lego friends or sylvanians?

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marne2 Sun 02-Nov-14 12:03:45

Dd2 (8) keeps changing her mind about what she wants for Christmas, I have bought her a few small bits but not a main present, looking at spending around £75 maximum. She has been asking for the lego friends mall for the past few weeks but now she is asking for playmobil fairies and also sylvanians. I have bought her the sylvanians fish and chip van ( amazon deals a few days ago ) so I'm hoping that will be enough sylvanians, she has had them before and not shown much interest .

I want to get the Christmas shopping for the dd's sorted next week, I know she will keep changing her mind as she wants everything she she's on tv. She is quite immature for her age as she has ASD but is great at building lego and following instructions. She does already have quite a bit of lego.

So do I buy her the big lego set or the playmobil ( a big set ), or do I buy her a smaller lego set and a smaller playmobil set so she has a bit of each?

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Sun 02-Nov-14 12:33:37

if she keeps changing her mind I think maybe a smaller of each set. then can see why she likes and on birthdays add to it grin

my dd had no interest in Sylvanian families, safety gathering dust for a year so now selling. she loves Lego mostly the figures, she prefers city stuff and themed bits (shes almost 6 so a bit younger)
we have got her a playmobil suitcase with a fairy set in was £6ish in Sainsburys to see if she likes it grin

fuzzpig Sun 02-Nov-14 14:30:18

I think in this situation it'd be great to get a bit of each. So no need to buy more sylvanians. Is that included in the £75 by the way? Or do you mean you have £75 left still?

You could get a smaller lego set but would she be disappointed if she has her heart set on the mall specifically?

fuzzpig Sun 02-Nov-14 14:31:52

Some of the fairies sets are quite reasonable but you wouldn't have much money to play with if you got the mall.

marne2 Sun 02-Nov-14 17:10:52

I think she has her hart set on the lego mall. She likes the looks of the playmobil fairies but I don't think she would really play with it, she loves music so I am tempted by the playmobil stage/rock band thing in Argos. £75 is how much I could spend but I'm happy of I spend less, would just be nice to get her something that she won't break or lose bits, I know with the lego it will be made once and then chucked in the huge lego tub we have sad but it is the one thing that she keeps mentioning. She has had sylvanians before and I sold them last year as she hardly touched them but her development has come along a lot over the past year so maybe she would play with them ( though I think she would break them ).

So hard to buy for her, she loves everything but doesn't look after anything. I might take her to the local toy shop and try and persuade her into wanting a wooden princess\fairy castle with sturdy figures.

marne2 Sun 02-Nov-14 17:11:45

She has also asked for 'a tent to sleep in' and ' a dungeon' grin but next week she will probably ask for something completely different.

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