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Unrealistic lists

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Carrie5608 Sun 02-Nov-14 10:14:52

So Dd and Ds got together yesterday and wrote their lists. Both still believe.

Dd 9 iphone 6, hamster and cage, ride on motorbike or jeep, giant treehouse.

(she is not getting any of these!!!)

Ds 6 Giant treehouse, xbox, turtles stuff.
( he is getting turtles stuff)

Help probably Dd last year but how do I get round this. Have tried santa doesn't bring live animals but a girl in her class got a pony last year.sad
Tried it's not nice to keep animals in cages but she will take it out all day everyday. ( i hate small rodent type things) we have 2 cats and a dog.

She has an old phone which has no camera as she isn't very sensible.

I don't want to disappoint them on christmas. They will get nice presents but not any of these.

MrsCK Sun 02-Nov-14 10:49:38

Is the Tree House really unfesiable? it would make an amazing joint present!

LokiBear Sun 02-Nov-14 10:59:18

In this house Santa has to ask for mummy's permission for certain gifts. Much easier to say 'mummy has told santa he can't bring a pony because we don't have room' than to shatter the illusion. I told my DD that santa wasn't bringing an Ipad because mummy says 'no I pads until your number 10 birthday'. She is only 3 but accepted it without a fuss. With your DD's you could have the conversation at the same time as you help them write new lists?

TheHouseonHauntedHill Sun 02-Nov-14 11:29:04

RATHER than say "mummy told santa" what about, santa isnt silly he would bring us all elephants and imagine some children ask for crocodiles, santa will know we cant look after a pony, its a huge cost to up keep, we have no room etc.

ask them to imagine all the crazy things children ask the moon,

WipsGlitter Sun 02-Nov-14 11:40:54

Lose these lists. It's too early. Get them to do them again in December. Say Santa only starts sorting who's getting what on the 1st December. Guide their lists, point out he wouldn't have time to build the treehouse and deliver the rest of the presents. Make them add "a few surprises" to the list. My mum did this and now my sister and I do it with our kids too!!

fruitpastille Sun 02-Nov-14 11:50:06

Tell them the list gives Santa ideas but it's up to him what he chooses to bring.

Jbck Sun 02-Nov-14 11:50:27

DD2 is asking for gerbils so I'm doing the Santa has to check with Daddy and you know he's said No before so don't get too hopeful.
Easier to say Daddy as I'd get her them in a flash grin

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