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What do you read at Christmas?

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0pheliaBalls Sat 01-Nov-14 07:33:47

We have a tradition in our house where we all re-read A Christmas Carol in the week before Christmas, but I also love reading Christmassy stuff from November onwards. I love short story anthologies with a ghostly theme - currently reading The Mistletoe Bride. In fact last year Kate Mosse's The Winter Ghosts was in my run-up reading, was wonderful. I love to re-read my 'comfort classics' at Christmas too, things like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. Do you have any old favourites you return to at Christmas or are you a sucker for a festive ghost story like me?! And is there anything you'd recommend for my Christmas to-read pile?

dreamcometrue Sat 01-Nov-14 09:43:40

The Christmas mystery by jostein garder (children's bk but lovely)
Miss read: the Christmas mouse and I think the other one is called Christmas at fair acre
Lost Christmas

Going to read winter ghosts!

NormHonal Sat 01-Nov-14 09:45:58

This Year It Will Be Different by Maeve Binchy.

A collection of short stories with a Christmas theme, some showing their age now but all with messages about love, family, and what's really important at Christmas time. It's a good read in the run-up as a way to stay focused on what's important and keep some perspective!

Pointlessfan Sat 01-Nov-14 09:46:16

I always read Bridget Jones' Diary at Xmas. I don't know why because apart from the ending it's not especially Christmassy and I more or less know it backwards. I think it just makes me laugh. Looking forward to reading children's Christmas stories when DD is old enough.

flightywoman Sat 01-Nov-14 09:50:29

I like to read The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper. And sometimes The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Collected Sherlock Holmes is a winter fireside read too.

colleysmill Sat 01-Nov-14 09:51:16

My guilty pleasure in the run up to Christmas is Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher.

BuilderMammy Sat 01-Nov-14 09:53:37

Oh yes, Christmas as Fairacre is lovely. I read Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising Trilogy. I've a Chalet School Christmas anthology that DH got me a few years ago (clever man!). And the Children of Green Knowe, and the Box of Delights.

I might go mad and branch out into adult books this year blush

CMOTDibbler Sat 01-Nov-14 09:54:22

I always read the Dark is Rising too!

And The Box of Delights by John Masefeld

CMOTDibbler Sat 01-Nov-14 09:55:27

And I crossed posts with BuilderMammy as I was thinking of Green Knowe as well once I'd pressed post

0pheliaBalls Sat 01-Nov-14 10:28:30

Some lovely suggestions smile

Last year I also read Lost Christmas, another children's book but absolutely lovely. Made me cry. Will re-read this year. Children's books at Christmas take us all back to our childhood I think smile

Also love Christmas At Cold Comfort Farm and also the original Cold Comfort farm. Lovely cosy snuggly reading smile

dreamcometrue Sat 01-Nov-14 12:19:36

I didn't know there was a Christmas cold comfort one! That's my dad's Christmas present sorted! :-)
Yes to this year will be different. It's lovely.
I read my high school form lost Christmas. They loved it.

0pheliaBalls Sat 01-Nov-14 12:24:24

dreamcometrue it's actually a short story anthology and is slightly deceptively titled given that only one if them is set on Cold Comfort Farm! But it's gorgeous nonetheless smile

LapsedTwentysomething Sat 01-Nov-14 13:36:03

I also like Jostein Gaarder's Christmas Mystery as an advent book. I have the Dickens Christmas Stories anthology (think that's what it's called). Love the idea of all reading A Christmas Carol the week before.

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