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hulahoopsilove Fri 31-Oct-14 09:28:54

Any idea where I can get these new lego sets from Minecraft The Farm 21114 and Minecraft First night 21115? DS has asked for them for Christmas and they are not even listed on the Lego Shop website sad

Perfectlypurple Fri 31-Oct-14 09:30:56

Amazon have them both

hulahoopsilove Fri 31-Oct-14 09:34:54

oh yes have just seen that...but no sure why high street shops ie Argos etc.. or lego website dont have it yet as always slightly cheaper

wfrances Fri 31-Oct-14 18:53:52

i got mine from asda direct
toys r us sell them too

squiggleirl Fri 31-Oct-14 23:53:28

Smyths have them on their website, with their release date being tomorrow, when they will also be in-store.

Heynonymouse Sat 01-Nov-14 11:16:15

The new Lego Minecraft sets went up for sale on the Lego website this morning.

Poppiesway Sat 01-Nov-14 12:37:44

I've just brought the farm and the cave from asda direct for ds2. I didn't even know these sets were coming out so Thankyou op for this thread!
I searched Tescos and boots (incase of 3 for 2!) but not on either of those sites yet.. Didn't want to risk not being able to get them so brought them now smile

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