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Is there anywhere you can buy toys online for delivery much closer to Xmas?

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porgie80 Thu 30-Oct-14 18:57:21

My attic has already been over taken by DDs dolls house and toy kitchen. We have no other storage in the house and I don't fancy imposing on the in laws.

I have the money for the rest of her presents now and I really want to get them ordered as I know they will be popular closer to the day and will sell out.

So is there anywhere I can order and pay for them now for delivery say a few days before Xmas? We do have the garage but we can't keep her out of there for the next 2 months!

CheeseandGherkins Thu 30-Oct-14 18:58:42

I'd be wary of this. What if the company goes bust before Christmas? Is there nowhere else you can store them or put the money in a savings account for now and buy closer to the time?

lumpybumpylooloo Thu 30-Oct-14 20:38:40

Apparently Toys r' us are doing this now.... You order now and pay it up from now until Christmas and collect just before Christmas. Sort of a 'layaway' agreement. There's information on it on their website.

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