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2 yr old who has everything, and 14 yr old moody emo - what to buy for Christmas?

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Y0rkshirePudding Wed 29-Oct-14 18:08:48

I have a 2 year old boy and a 14 year old stepson to buy xmas gifts for and Im totally stuck for both.

2 yr old already has lots of the usual plastic electrical toys for his age group that light up, sing and do various things. He has a swing, slide, trampoline, rocking caterpillar, ride-on, little musical instruments, cars, push alongs, pull alongs etc etc... what else can we get him? (that I don't have to sell my soul to the devil for in order to pay for it!)

My 14 yr old stepson is a moody 'emo' type of teen that likes all things morbid and grim! Into DC & Marvel characters, especially Batman. He appears to spend a lot of time on his Xbox when he's at home (he lives with his mum). He's very inactive and all our attempts to get him outdoors have failed, with previous gifts including a bmx bike and stunt scooter that have been used a couple of times for a grumpy hour or so and then left to gather cobwebs in the shed. He never likes the clothes we buy him because we never see him in them.

Does anyone else have boys in these age groups... can you give me ANY ideas of a really cool xmas present they'd love?

Stupidhead Wed 29-Oct-14 18:15:22

Deathnote, a set of 3 DVDs. It's a Japanese teen 'horror', very very cool. You can get the tshirts and mugs and kerfuffle too.

nic013 Wed 29-Oct-14 18:18:56

What about a dc movie hamper for the 14 yr old - batman dvds with a popcorn maker, popcorn and american style candy. For the two year old what about a duplo/wooden train set?

5ChildrenAndIt Wed 29-Oct-14 18:21:25

I'd just ask the 14 year old! He's bound to covet something.

Y0rkshirePudding Wed 29-Oct-14 18:45:02

5childrenandit we have asked him and we just get a silent moody shrug or "I dunnooooo!" Apparently its "so lame" to have Christmas list. He's clearly too cool for skool hmm

However, Im very much liking the deathnote and movie hamper idea's - thanks! I remember when I was younger I had a grungy boyfriend who liked deathnote. I was never bothered about it, and had completely forgotten. But I reckon he will really like that. And the popcorn maker cannot possibly fail - he does like his food while lounging around all day watching DVDs... impressed smile

glorious Wed 29-Oct-14 19:09:28

What about a balance bike for the 2yo? Or one thing we're planning is to put together a few kits for activities from imagination tree or similar, might that be an option? Or a pass to somewhere you'd like to go?

LokiBear Wed 29-Oct-14 19:16:28

I'd go with role play stuff for the two year old. A wooden shop or kitchen? Outdoor playhouse? Pop up tent?

ScrabbledLeggsAndToes Thu 30-Oct-14 12:09:40

For your 2 year old how about:-

John Deere Store and Carry Case, currently £15 on Amazon
Mr Potato Head
Wow Toys, currently in Home Bargains, similar to Happyland
An Aquadoodle

Mummyboo30 Thu 30-Oct-14 13:22:33

For the 2yo that has everything, pop over to - they've got loads of lovely ideas for little ones.
Do you have any idea of what bands the 14yo likes? Perhaps see if you could find some gig tickets?

Moody Emo - a huge canvas/print of Batman or the Hulk or somesuch? I think HMV do them, and if they don't, places like Forbidden Planet will.

I wouldn't bother with a popcorn maker - they are not v good. A pan works much better. But tbh I think a 14 yr old boy would prefer bags of ready made anyway. But my grumpy 17 year old girl always appreciates cans of Coke (or bottles of Curiosity Cola) plus popcorn, crisps, sweets for a movie night.

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