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Boxing Day dinner for 3

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storminabuttercup Wed 29-Oct-14 14:46:02

Any ideas?

We are at parents on Xmas day so no leftovers. Last year was gammon and dauphinois but DP apparently doesn't like gammon hmm

Want something festive and special.

What do you have?

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Wed 29-Oct-14 17:03:07

How about an aldi 3 bird roast just right sz for 3 n will have some left overs.

quesadillas Wed 29-Oct-14 17:03:44

Not sure how to do links on my phone, but the braised beef, red wine and cranberry stew on the BBC Good Food website is gorgeous, and a little bit festive. Dead easy too, think it's only five ingredients.

currieaddict Wed 29-Oct-14 18:09:29

Aldi 3 bird roast got a roasting last year for being very poor.

MsAspreyDiamonds Wed 29-Oct-14 18:16:11

Salmon wellington with veg & trimmings

nic013 Wed 29-Oct-14 19:21:08

How about meatballs Swedish style with braised red cabbage, creamy gravy and logonberry /cranberry sauce. Or aromatic style roast duck with loads of Christmassy spices, served with pak Choi and rice. Alternatively a big bowl of Christmas pudding and loads of cream - that's normally what I have on boxing day

VainVulva Wed 29-Oct-14 21:41:36

A nice rost rib of beef with all the trimmings......delish!

tassisssss Wed 29-Oct-14 21:43:31

We have leftovers.

Gammon is the obvious, but if I were in your situation I'd do Delia's salmon en croute.

IssyStark Thu 30-Oct-14 06:42:26

Personally, I'd do a stew you can have in the freezer to reduce the time you are in the kitchen! Favourites that we have at Xmas include Delia's venison (or beef) in stout and port and her pot roast pheasant (I made this in advance the year ds2 was due in mid Dec and we had it for Xmas lunch, he was 9 days old).

NorwaySpruce Thu 30-Oct-14 07:06:35

Well, we have leftovers.

In your position, I'd probably do Christmas dinner MK-II, so turkey, trimmings, the lot grin. Totally get that I'm freaky that way though.

Maybe crispy duck (frozen, from the supermarket) spring rolls, fancy rice etc?

With a Christmas pudding, or croquembouche to make it festive grin

Ormally Thu 30-Oct-14 10:59:33

My perfect 'lunches from Boxing day past' involve:
Cold carved meats, hot new potatoes with herbs, nice prawns and dippy sauce, various pickles, coleslaw, more sausages wrapped in bacon....DH would add good cheese and crackers to that.

Otherwise you might want to get away from Christmassy altogether and if I was doing that, I would probably do something and freeze it because of the fact that you won't want to be shopping or needing to take up fridge space by Christmas Eve. Slow cooked Spanish pork and prunes (this sounds a bit eyebrow raising but is easy and very delicious)? A posh macaroni cheese in a pot each - taste buds are imagining truffle oil and spinach - topped with crisped leeks and maybe pancetta? Or good smoked haddock/cod steamed on top of a bubble and squeak cake and topped with a poached egg, chives, and maybe prawns. Hungry now.

storminabuttercup Thu 30-Oct-14 17:46:02

So many ideas, thank you very much. Going to have a good look at them all later smile

porgie80 Thu 30-Oct-14 18:02:14

Whoever thinks ALDIs 3 bird roast is "poor" needs a very hard smack in the face. It's delicious.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Thu 30-Oct-14 18:03:43

Steak and chips, peppercorn sauce, grilled tomatoes, onion rings. Red wine. Cheeseboard for afters.

storminabuttercup Thu 30-Oct-14 18:12:00

Are the three bird roasts frozen?
DP would be super happy with steak but we do have it quite often

porgie80 Thu 30-Oct-14 18:17:54

Yep. Don't let that put you off though- they honestly are pretty delicious. My husband even believed it was from Whole Foods.

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