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Do you have a pre-teen/young teen fangirl? Help me choose!

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Takver Wed 29-Oct-14 13:38:48

OK, so request here for HP / PJ / HG themed clothing - seems to me hoodie would be best, as a t-shirt is likely to be hidden by jumper til well after Christmas. So I need to pick . . .
this (only as t-shirt)
this as a hoodie (not such good graphics?)
this (boring?)
this (bit blokey?)
this (great, but from the States, so will I get charged ££s for customs?)
Any help welcome!

MrsBloodcurdlingScrEames Wed 29-Oct-14 13:40:09

Primark have lots of HP tee's in at the moment.

MrsBloodcurdlingScrEames Wed 29-Oct-14 13:40:49

I like the mix up of the 1st one.

Have you tried redbubble, great for fan girl tshirts!

Takver Wed 29-Oct-14 13:42:09

I love the first one, I know it would be 100% dd's thing, but can't find it as a hoodie. (Even on redbubble . . .) Wondering if I can somehow get the graphics & get one made!

Takver Wed 29-Oct-14 13:42:51

Don't have Primark near here, sadly! Otherwise could just send dd with a voucher grin

marne2 Wed 29-Oct-14 13:52:07

The primark HP t shirts are really good, dd has them, shame you don't have one near by, I like the first t shirt on your list,a Amazon have some cheap HP and HG bracelets.

marne2 Wed 29-Oct-14 13:53:41

Cafepress are quite good for hoodies and t shirts.

Takver Wed 29-Oct-14 16:50:51

Aha, have found the first District 9 3/4 on redbubble so can have it as a hoodie smile I think that or the Camp half-blood with unicorn (do they have unicorns though - Pegasus probably more accurate?)

mimiasovitch Wed 29-Oct-14 19:06:41

Red bubble does come from the US, but they do say that they will refund any customs charges if incurred (I think). It does impact on delivery time though. I say this as we waited weeks for DD1's birthday tshirts, thinking that they were coming from the UK. Plenty of time for Christmas I should imagine.

Takver Wed 29-Oct-14 19:42:30

Thanks mimi, that's helpful to know. I need to just make my mind up and order! Already have HP & HG jewellery for her stocking sorted smile

Takver Fri 31-Oct-14 15:30:14

Fabulous hoodie ordered, thanks all smile

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