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Pre-christmas clean up/clear out-anyone care to join me?

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mumtobetothree Wed 22-Oct-14 23:53:45

As the title says really. I never enjoy the run up to Christmas as I'm just so stressed/tired due to being unorganised, and my Christmas Eve tends to be spent shopping/wrapping/cooking/visiting/cleaning, so as well as getting a good start on the gift side of things I've decided to start having a really good declutter and deep clean throughout. As an added incentive baby#3 is due boxing day, so best case scenario is that I'll be fat(ter) and tired(er)!

I also have to paint (well, dh does) the house by the end of November, it's a tenancy agreement thing, every X years, not as big a deal as it sounds, just magnolia throughout and it's not a big house at all!

I have:
* Lounge/diner
* kitchen
* Utility room
* Bathroom
* Stairs/landing
* DD's room
* Spare room (to be DS's room as they're currently sharing)
* Our room
* Upstairs loo

So the plan is to declutter, deep clean and DH follows me painting, to be finished by December 1st, anyone care to join me?

So, the plan is

MsAspreyDiamonds Thu 23-Oct-14 02:10:44

Have a look at this thread for decluttering tips by the experts:

I need to do similar but by spring as I have to get the house ready for sale. This thread

herecomesthsun Thu 23-Oct-14 03:24:03

oh yes, we need to do this

EnterNicknameHere Thu 23-Oct-14 07:16:43

I'm in, upstairs is terrible, need to get rid of loads of stuff, downstairs is ok as I have decluttered and cleaned but I just can't get the motivation to get started upstairs.

EnterNicknameHere Thu 23-Oct-14 07:18:29

And yes, I have lovely ideas for Christmas Eve, like making cookies and visiting people but in reality the DC are sat in front of a christmas film while I'm running around cleaning and getting more stressed out by the minute. But not this year!

vvviola Thu 23-Oct-14 07:19:48

I'm in. grin

Especially as we are moving house/country/continent in early January. I have rather a lot to get done!

Benguinsmummy Thu 23-Oct-14 08:44:19

I'm in too!!! My room and linin closet need a huge overhaul!!!

mumtobetothree Thu 23-Oct-14 11:06:06

Hi everyone!! I'm so glad I have people joining in!

MsAspreyDiamonds thanks for that link, I'll start having a read through as I have a coffee.

EnterNicknameHere That's precisely my Christmas Eve, I have visions of a wintry walk, baking, opening hampers and settling down to watch a family film before bed, a far cry from reality lol.

I've just stood and wondered where on earth to start, the lounge seemed the best option but now I'm thinking it's the family room so I might just make a bit more of an effort to keep it tidy (front door opens straight in from the street so any visitors are straight in here) and do it last. Tomorrow's bin day and there's also a charity bag collection so I think rather than getting stuck in to a certain room I shall go round and remove as much crap from the house as possible, then the kids rooms tomorrow/Saturday as with the bedroom shift over impending I've been avoiding putting clean washing away-really, what's the point just to get it all out again! So it's piled up on the dining table and worktop, so doing their rooms will free up some space downstairs rather than moving it around the house.

vvviola sounds exciting! (and stressful!)

magso Thu 23-Oct-14 11:24:02

I can only join in a small way. Have been redoing a drawer a day so far (tidying, recycling no longer suitable), and stained some fading window frames (not always both on the same day as I have to pace myself!). Have been unwell for years so am very behind with many many chores! But every little helps as they say. Started last week as dh was away and ds (disabled) had a nights respite.

iloveholidays Thu 23-Oct-14 11:32:43

I've been doing bits and pieces over the last month but sorting out the playroom over half term so planning to do more next week.

Did a nearly new sale on Sunday and got rid of quite a bit. planning to try selling rest on Facebook then charity shop the rest.

by the end of half term I will have a minimalist house grin

inchoccyheaven Thu 23-Oct-14 11:49:57

I am in as well. Have had big tidy up recently and am clearing stuff to sell or go to charity shop. Trying to keep on top of housework as well.

Alexaa Thu 23-Oct-14 12:03:30

Last weekend I just finished painting DS2's bedroom white rather than the bright yellow he's had since he was born. I also emptied the coat closet and realised I have many coats that I will never wear as does DH and the kids so I gave the okay ones to the charity shop and good quality ones to my friend or put them on eBay. Today DD1 is a bit poorly so I've taken the day off work and stuck her on the couch with a DVD on whilst this morning has been spent:

~Polishing dining room table and piano
~Sorting through the fridge and using or throwing out old food
~Washing -smelly and rank- children's teddies
~Dusting artwork, picture frames and other ornaments around the house that the cleaner doesn't get to properly
~Making myself a nice cup of coffee and logging on Mumsnet

This afternoon will be spent:
~Defrost the two freezers
~Online shopping for a new microwave
~Shampoo carpets in DS1 and DD2's rooms
~Wash sheets and change quilts to thicker ones
~Pick up kids from school
~Take DTs to a friend's house who kindly offered earlier to take them with her DD to their swimming lesson
~Prepare spaghetti bolognese
~Feel pretty tired later tonight

Going to New York on Sunday to see DH so I also need to finish packing for me and the kids.

mumtobetothree Thu 23-Oct-14 17:10:54

Wow Alexaa that's an impressive list!!

I've put five bags of rubbish out!! Two usual and three additional, so I feel as though I've made a dent!

I've also done general tidying downstairs and bagged two loads of outgrown clothes for charity, all whilst trying to keep the 2 year old quiet enough so that DH (on nights) could sleep.

I'm going to tackle the kitchen under sink cupboard when the little guy's in bed, it's full of heaven knows what and I don't fancy toddler fingers examining everything!!

How's everyone else doing??

Alexaa Thu 23-Oct-14 18:17:29

Yes mumtobethree it's probably the most I've done in one day! It would have otherwise have been done last minute on Saturday

pippahooper Wed 10-Dec-14 22:57:07

I think its time to bump this thread!!

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