What would you put in homemade pamper box?

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iamdivergent Tue 14-Oct-14 10:18:18

boxes these are £1.50 in my local Morrisons so plan is to 'fill' them with goodies and cello wrap them.

What would be your go to items for a kind of pamper box?

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Pootles2010 Tue 14-Oct-14 10:22:55

I'm doing a version of that this year - don't think I could fill a box that big though. Just doing crocheted washcloths, then adding some really nice soaps I bought on holiday, and making some lavender pouches (using lavender from garden, making pretty little fabric heart-shaped pockets for them).

I know a lot of people make scrubs with oil and salt or sugar, but my recipients (mum & both Grandmas) wouldn't know what to do with that!

Asteria Tue 14-Oct-14 10:23:15

I sent my little sister a "survival box" for boarding school and it had all sorts of lovely lotions and potions - plus lots of chocolate!
How about some unusual bath smellies, some really lovely body butter, a nice scented candle (not something migraine inducing - get a good one or not at all!) and maybe a pretty little box of chocolates or macaroons?

iamdivergent Tue 14-Oct-14 10:33:33

Sounds good - like adding the chocs/sweets as well. My sisters will probably be a movie night in type box as we don't do gifts but I always give her and her dh something from our children as they don't have any and get the girls good gifts.

Its not actually that big in the flesh Pootles, I definately wouldn't pay a fiver for one thats for sure. But less than £15 for 7/8 I am in there ha.

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jopickles Tue 14-Oct-14 10:38:20

Nail files and some nice nail polish they do them really cheap and in a great range of colours in primark. last year I bought some sweets and put them into prettier jars and attached christmas related labels (some where green with a poem about grinch poo but I never said I was classy lol) but if you want homemade maybe make some fudge or biscuits or chocolates in nice packaging. Slipper socks are nice and little sachets of facepacks and miniature smellies

Ragwort Tue 14-Oct-14 10:40:14

What about some of those mini bottles of wine/Prosecco? Posh biscuits?

tanya1312 Tue 14-Oct-14 10:41:11

My daughters love pamper boxes, shampoo/conditioner/bath oils or gels or bombs/ flannel/ hair wrap/ face mask /bath pillow/ body lotions/ soaps etc


dashoflime Tue 14-Oct-14 10:43:49

I did one for my Mum.
I put in:

Some smellies
Posh condiments/jams/chutneys
Book of Sudoku puzzles

iamdivergent Tue 14-Oct-14 11:06:10

Great ideas grin thanks

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TrisisFour Tue 14-Oct-14 11:16:32

I am doing little pamper bags for DD's 2 Teachers and 2 TAs this year. I've bought plain white paper bags from Ebay and loads of sticky foam Xmas shapes/animals from Hobbycraft for DD to decorate the bags. Then to go inside them I've bought:

Votive Yankee Candle - Christmas Treats £1 in ASDA
Small box of Dairy Milk £1 in Poundland
Bayliss and Harding Pump Handcream £1 on Amazon
Dolly Mixtures Shower Gel (lovely sweetie scents) £1 in ASDA

All of these things (plus mini bottles of wine, bubble bath, body lotion etc) I would love to receive in a pamper hamper.

Adira Tue 14-Oct-14 11:28:37

I tend to use these for presents quite a bit. I usually make them into a hamper though (stuff with tissue paper and wrap with cellophane).

Recently I wanted to do one without spending the earth but with loads in it to bring when visiting a friend who moved away and was a bit lonely in her new town (and also didn't have a huge amount of "stuff" in her new flat). I put in...

- fluffy socks (primark),
-smelly candles (primark and pound shops),
- big bars of chocolate, toblerones, little box of milk tray (pound stretcher),
-nice hand cream, shower gels, nail files and varnish, hair mask. (much the same, pound stretcher, primark etc)
- drinking chocolate (could do coffee or posh herbal tea depending on the person.
-sweets like jellies (she's an addict)
-I also got a few second hand "chicken soup for the soul" type books for next to nothing on Amazon so I popped those in too.

It ended up ginormous and packed with stuff but only cost between 20-25 pounds

other times I have included pyjamas, dressing gowns, nice mug/ sparkly wine glasses other alcohol, dvds (though not so much now as most people have Netflix/download stuff). I did a beer and pub snacks one for my brother once.

Ragwort Tue 14-Oct-14 12:16:41

I'm tempted to make myself a Pamper Box as a special Christmas treat to myself, there are some lovely ideas on this thread grin.

iamdivergent Tue 14-Oct-14 13:43:19

I loved the chicken soup series grin some great ideas thanks

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