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Nintendo Wii

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Smokedsalmonbagel Mon 13-Oct-14 18:09:20

Hi. We've decided to get the Nintendo Wii for a family Christmas present and have got a few questions. Would be great if anyone can help!

Firstly is it best to get the Wii u? Is there much difference?
Wheres best to buy? Do Tesco do clubcard boost towards it? Is ot best to get a package?
What games do you recommend?

Thanks for any advice!

Ohanarama Mon 13-Oct-14 18:24:41

I can't answer all your questions but we have a wii and love it but they have been around for a few years now and i think they are being phased out. It is really difficult to get new games now, a lot of the popular ones only come out for x box and play station. If you are happy playing second hand games there are lots of bargains, most of the Mario games are easy for kids and lots of fun. The wii u is supposed to be good but doesn't sell as well as the other consoles so I'm not sure if it will last.

gymboywalton Mon 13-Oct-14 18:25:36

definitely get a wiiu because it's really hard to get games for the wii now

we have a wii and it's brilliant fun-really good

IHeartKingThistle Mon 13-Oct-14 18:26:28

Wii party is currently a huge hit in our house = dc 5 and 7.

wfrances Mon 13-Oct-14 18:31:00

we have both the wii u is better
you can play it handheld or on the tv

youbethemummylion Mon 13-Oct-14 18:34:48

If your getting a Wii I would suggest getting second hand. They loose their value almost instantly as they are not really that popular. You can get a Wii with Wii fit board and several games for around £50 If you go to somewhere like CEX or Grainger Games you wont get a dud.

Smokedsalmonbagel Tue 14-Oct-14 15:41:36

Fab thanks
I will see if I can find one second hand.
Guess they'd be happy playing older games. They are 4 and 7.

BadRoly Tue 14-Oct-14 15:45:23

Big hits in our house (dc aged 13, 11, 7 & 5) are Wii party, Just Dance and Mariokart.

fairgame Tue 14-Oct-14 15:46:39

YY to second hand. They are worth nothing now. I've tried to sell ours with 15 games, board, extra remotes, wheel etc etc and i'll be lucky to get £80!
You can get cheap pre-owned games from Game.
IIRC Nintendo aren't releasing any new games for the Wii, only for the Wii U but third party companies will still be doing new Wii games.

thecapitalsunited Tue 14-Oct-14 16:34:06

I have a Wii u and would advise getting one over a Wii. The Wii u can run Wii games so you would still be able to buy Wii games but you would also have access to Wii u games too. The Wii u can output in HD so looks a lot better on screen and the gamepad enables some really interesting co operative gaming. It also means that you can play a game without having to have the TV on which is a massive bonus because it means I can take the gamepad into the bedroom while dp watches a fishing show on sky!

My favourite Wii u games are Mario kart 8, super mario 3d world and Lego city undercover. Lego city undercover is best described as GTA for kids. It has no violence, no swearing and is an amazing amount of fun. You can still jump in any car you like but you play as a cop so that's ok and you can spend ages bashing apart parts of the city for fun.

CurlyhairedAssassin Mon 10-Nov-14 16:30:33

I would definitely get a second hand one. Like others have said, the Wii is being phased out. We have had one for about 4 years and there are no new games beig produced. So this year we are splashing out and getting an Xbox One. My eldest is nearly 11 so will be wanting to play more sophisticated games in a year or two and this will last. My youngest is 8 and at first I was worried there would be no games suitable for his age on the Xbox, but I've had a quick look and it seems there are Lego ones etc.

So yes, second hand! You can splash out on an XBox in a couple of years when they've come down in price.

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