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Advent Calendars with chocolate and 1 or 2 little toys

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chocolaterainbow Sun 12-Oct-14 23:51:02

Does such a thing exist?

When I was little I remember getting a trolls advent calendar one year that had chocolate behind most windows then a troll pencil topper behind one, and a little troll behind another. I remember really cherishing those little surprise toys, and I'd like to find something similar for my DC this year. But for boys - DS1 is 10 and DS2 is 7.

Has anyone seen such a thing? I'd like to get them a Lego one but they're too much £££!

erin99 Mon 13-Oct-14 12:16:37

We have a home made one and reuse every year. Would you consider getting something like this: and adding your own little sweets and party bag tat?

Ours is a christmas tree, and every day they open a new pocket to get a decoration, this kind of thing:
Then I add the odd choc coin, stickers etc now and again.

chocolaterainbow Tue 14-Oct-14 18:08:26

Those are really nice, but don't think I could trust my DC not to raid thrm while I'm having a lie in!
I was thinking a more of a regular chocolate one but with a couple of tiny toys, and tamper proof perforated cardboard windows so there's no sneaky business wink

chocolaterainbow Tue 14-Oct-14 18:09:24

I particularly like the tree one, it's like festive wall hanging tapestry.

Princesspond Tue 14-Oct-14 18:12:47

For future info Argos sell off the Lego and playmobil advent calendars after advent starts. I get one then and put away for the following year (£7-10 ish)

erin99 Tue 14-Oct-14 19:43:51

Yeah, I thought that was what you meant but I've never seen one so am no help on that I'm afraid.

I am sure my 2 go through the pockets for the 'charms' but I don't think it takes away from it - they love seeing them all again each year. But yes, I do have to sneak the extra treats the night before!

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