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Lego advent calendars - I know they are overpriced but I've bought them anyway

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shoppingbagsundereyes Sat 11-Oct-14 15:22:49

And I'm ridiculously pleased with myself. Ive resisted for the last two or three years even though I know ds would love one because they seem frivolous, too expensive for what they are etc etc. And then today I decided that he won't want one in two years time, he'll be 10 and it'll all be computer games and other technology. So he has the Lego Star Wars one and dd has the Lego friends one and they will be delighted smile

Badvoc123 Sat 11-Oct-14 15:25:41

Hi shopping! smile
I've got the Star Wars one for ds2 (6) this year too.
He will LOVE it smile

MrsMinton Sat 11-Oct-14 15:27:23

I just see it as part of their presents because they keep using the things. They have had playmobil calendars too and I must admit to wanting one myself!

magso Sat 11-Oct-14 15:27:49

Dh got the star wars one too- officially its for ds!

shoppingbagsundereyes Sat 11-Oct-14 15:41:31

Hi Badvoc, haven't seen you for agesssss smile
I'm hoping dd's will reignite interest in her Lego friends stuff that is hardly played with. Ds lives, sleeps and breathes Lego, he won't believe his luck

Badvoc123 Sat 11-Oct-14 15:44:34

It's a new thing with ds2. He loves it.
Ds1 isn't too bothered...although I am thinking of Minecraft lego for him...

IAmAPaleontologist Sat 11-Oct-14 15:44:43

Good luck.

BIL got them for the dcs one year. Getting them out the door to school in the morning when they are trying to put together fiddly bits of lego/playmobil and play with it while I yell at tehm to get dressed is not something I EVER want to repeat grin.

MirandaWest Sat 11-Oct-14 15:45:43

We have a few of them and they get used each year - some lego and some playmobil. I think I get allowed to have one grin

HermioneWeasley Sat 11-Oct-14 15:49:47

Me too, he caught me at the right time for feeling soft. They will both be thrilled with theirs

AuditAngel Sat 11-Oct-14 15:56:27

I am resisting them this year. Money is tighter than it has been and with 3 DC it really adds up. I bought the girls Zhu Zhu pet ones in the summer, just need to find DS one.

JKSLtd Sat 11-Oct-14 16:00:59

a timely post - DS1 (8) saw one in town just now and said he'd love one. I've resisted for years and have felt mean.

Will DS2 (6 but with SN so more like 4) and DD (3) want one too?

Not heard of the zhu zhu one, that might work better.

FTRsGotAShinyNewNN Sat 11-Oct-14 16:21:58

DS(5) had one last year plus a chocolate one, the deal was he could do the chocolate in the morning to eat on the way to school and the lego one after school so that he'd be able to play with it.
I'm still undecided as to whether to get one this year

ChunkyPickle Sat 11-Oct-14 16:27:04

I did not know these existed, and I curse you all for drawing them to my attention and pray that DP never finds out they exist (how do you delete Amazon search history!)

TimeForAnotherNameChange Sat 11-Oct-14 16:36:32

Hmm I was thinking they'd be a super expensive waste of money, but having looked at the contents they're not actually all that bad value! The Stars Wars one is on amazon for £20 and there are some great shaped pieces that are expensive to buy individually, and of course the figurines as well. I might cave this year!

JKSLtd Sat 11-Oct-14 16:39:09

Best place to buy them?
Amazon or Argos I've seen.

Star Wars Lego definitely best for DS1, and worth it for him I think. But another £40 for another 2? Not sure.

Might persuade DS1 to call it a 'sharing' calendar and they can each have a chocolate one. He'll end up with the lego anyway so it's really for him, but the other 2 could take turns opening the doors.

AalyaSecura Sat 11-Oct-14 16:41:42

Oh lord, I wasn't planning to get one of these... but but but there's a Darth Vader Santa!

OhBabyLilyMunster Sat 11-Oct-14 16:41:44

Good luck. Never again here!

JKSLtd Sat 11-Oct-14 16:46:47

Quick Q - can you 'reuse' them? Can you put the bits back behind the windows for another year? Just thinking with the Christmassy ones it would make sense.

TweetingInFury Sat 11-Oct-14 16:54:26

Huge hit here. I thought of it as frivolous, until DS got one, worth every penny.

(Also Mega Blocks which are comparable with lego have a Halo set in Argos down from £60 to £30 - the Mantis in it retails for about £65 on it's own I think. Picked one up for DS's Christmas this year, great bargain)

RJnomore Sat 11-Oct-14 17:23:50

I'm pretty sure that I saw the Lego friends one in boots 3 for 2.

BikeRunSki Sat 11-Oct-14 17:26:09

They're not expensive for what they are! Minifigs are usually what -£3 a piece? The advent calenders are £20 for 24 Minifigs.

cogitosum Sat 11-Oct-14 17:28:05

I bought one each for my nieces last year for their birthday on 1st December and they still play with the Lego so worthwhile I'd say

Badvoc123 Sat 11-Oct-14 17:28:35

If you have 3 kids boots 3 for 2 is a godsend! smile

magso Sat 11-Oct-14 18:35:20

JKS - no I don't think it would be easy to reuse the Lego calendars. Once all the windows have been opened, the box is pretty worn out. The more Christmassy pieces of course get recycled each year. We have an empty wooden advent calendar that is good for filling with previous years figures and chocolate drops.

AlfAlf Sat 11-Oct-14 18:39:13

We had 1 to share between three DC's. It was fine, they took turns to open the windows.

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