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What are you getting your 12/13 year old for Christmas?

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Takver Mon 06-Oct-14 22:27:19

Not electronics/games for once (dd spent her birthday money & savings on a tablet, and now doesn't seem to hanker after anything else)

Was wondering about either a really nice hoody - she doesn't do labels so far, but maybe look for something fashionable. Perhaps a Dr Who/Hunger Games/Harry Potter t-shirt but it's hard to know what would be 'right' IYKWIM

Would love to know what others are getting!

twolittledarlings Mon 06-Oct-14 23:10:50

I have an dd13 (who will be 13 on Christmas Eve) and an dd11 (who will be 11on 19th dec)

On the moment, this is what they are getting each though guitar is for 13yr old and archery kit for the younger one (dv, cd and books to be shared)

Stacker jewellery box
Guitar and book
Bracelet pandora
Dressing gown
Fluffy sock slippers
Felt boxes
Fluffy jumper
Duvet cover set
Braid book
Chess set
Itune tesco clubcard
Perfume hollister
Despicable me 1and 2
Jewellery square box
Hoop earrings
Ice watch
Wreck journal
Books the infinite sea
Noughts and crosses book malorie Blackman
Now that's what I call summer cd
Pop party 12
Now that what I call music 87
5 seconds of summer cd
The enemy charlie higson book
Scott westerfeld uglies pretties specials extras 4 books
Archery kit

twolittledarlings Mon 06-Oct-14 23:13:38

Hollister hoodies oneies and converses or can are good too but I have just got them these so they have enough already

Also they need winter boots but these are not classed as presents,

JustSpeakSense Tue 07-Oct-14 10:03:24

I'm getting my 13 yo DS a new attitude, as his seems to have gone bad! grin

mumtoone1 Tue 07-Oct-14 10:26:42

my DS is 12.5. he has asked for a guitar for his christmas however I may hold off a little longer as I fear he may change his mind!

I've also got him a mini fridge for his room, a JAM speaker for his iPhone, couple of CD's and DVD's, Personalised Coke Bottles and little fun tat he'll only play once.

I'm very stuck on what else to get him though.

Takver Tue 07-Oct-14 14:49:18

What would you put in a mini fridge - I have enough problems keeping one fridge full enough to supply demand . . . .

Fortunately my 12 y/o dd seems to have been given a moderately 'cheerful and helpful' attitude along with her year 8 textbooks, so I'm hoping she'll hang onto that one for a while yet and not replace it grin

Divergent DVD is a good idea, she's not seen it yet.

marne2 Tue 07-Oct-14 18:45:09

Primark have Harry Potter tops in at the moment, they are adult sizes but I got my dd a size 6 and it seems to fit ( she's almost 11 ), I have also bought her a hoody and a owl handbag from Amazon ( not sure how good it will be as it didn't cost much ). How about a jewellery box and some Jewellery? I'm doing this for my younger dd who wants her own jewellery smile.

anyoldname76 Tue 07-Oct-14 18:53:52

My dd is 13, I've only thought of a few things so far but they are, fluffy beanbag, new headphones, set of Russian dolls, DVD, 3d jigsaw, hoody, hot water bottle, wolf paperweight and something arty. I've got a few stocking fillers now which are a diamonte initial keyring, Santa torch and a copperfoil scratch picture.

ScrambledEggAndToast Tue 07-Oct-14 19:00:52

My almost 12 year old (12 in Feb) is getting an xbox 1 and FIFA 15 from me. I will get a few stocking things but won't spend more than £30 on that.

Takver Tue 07-Oct-14 19:19:11

I've done some sounding out, and she'd prefer a HP/Hunger Games/Dr Who hoody to a 'brand' one (long may that last!) I've also seen gamer beanbag chairs on another thread which I think would appeal & might make a nice main present.

Actually, marne2, the one specific thing other than books on her Christmas list is a Deathly Hallows necklace - very easy to achieve as they cost about £3.99 on ebay - so that's a good one for the stocking.

It'd be nice to come up with some kind of crafty / activity type thing (anyone know what will be the next loom bands grin ) as it's good for the dark days of January, but it gets harder as she gets older. She does still do lots of crafty / making stuff, but I'm well supplied with sewing machine & the like so extras just tend to clog up the house.

chicaguapa Tue 07-Oct-14 19:27:38

DD (about to turn 13) is mad on Sherlock so she's getting lots of Sherlock/ London-related stuff for her birthday and Christmas, like Sherlock Cluedo and a Sherlock book kindle cover (which she will love).

Have a look on etsy for HP/ Dr Who bits. There's a lot of good stuff on there.

Takver Tue 07-Oct-14 19:40:26

I've found a great weeping angels t-shirt - sadly so far the one I think she'd like is only in large, and in the States!

Takver Tue 07-Oct-14 19:42:12

Etsy's a good suggestion, though - some nice stickers & bits too smile

SarahSnail Tue 07-Oct-14 19:51:30

JustSpeakSense Where do I buy these new attitudes from, I'm DESPERATE! lol
When I ask DS what he's wanting for xmas I just get the odd grunt from him.
Think he will end up with money to go out and spend on the designer clothes that I know nothing about because I am not cool.... hmm

Hulababy Tue 07-Oct-14 20:00:46

Trying to decide between Beats headphones or a Sonus system for 12y DD's room.

She'd also like Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 type camera but I am yet to be convinced that it won't just cost a fortune in film for the polaroid style photos!

I must get her to make a wishlist via Amazon soon actually as parents and inlaws, etc will start asking soon.

Hulababy Tue 07-Oct-14 20:02:46

May have the reuired topcs etc:

NotMrsTumble Tue 07-Oct-14 20:23:12

Dr marten or kickers boots? New musical instrument here (upgrade) will take up most of budget, cinema vouchers (and the promise of a lift) books, dvds, Apple or Google play vouchers. Plus all the usual tat quality extras, bubble bath, make up, primark onesie etc

Takver Tue 07-Oct-14 20:26:54

Headphones are a good idea, her current ones are held together with tape.

Takver Tue 07-Oct-14 20:29:03

Like the idea of cinema vouchers, too.

Ifyoubuildit Tue 07-Oct-14 20:32:38

Oooh interesting thread.

My dd is getting some nail varnish pens. One direction cd (when it comes out). Hollister smellies and clothes.

Ragwort Tue 07-Oct-14 20:38:45

Half a bike grin - the other half will be an early birthday present.

Takver Tue 07-Oct-14 20:48:47

Dr Martens boots are also a good thought, suspect patent cherry red would go down a charm.

Good thing her birthday isn't too long after Christmas as I seem to be ending up with a very long list of good ideas . . .

Hulababy Tue 07-Oct-14 20:48:56

Infact just ordered my first Christmas presents for DD:

5SOS t shirt
Hunger Games t shirt
Stitch earrings
Marvel Comics earrings set

marne2 Tue 07-Oct-14 20:59:11

They have hunger games necklaces on Amazon too for a couple £ ( I might get dd1 one ). Dd1 loves HP and Hunger games but I struggle to find things, have seen a lot more this year compared to last, I saw a huge HP book in the works today on how HP was made and filmed.

marne2 Tue 07-Oct-14 21:00:25

Nail varnish pens sound good, are they less messy? Dd2 loves doing her nails but makes a right mess.

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