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7 year old girl and 27 year old woman!

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pommedeterre Sun 05-Oct-14 18:51:22

I need to buy an Xmas present for a seven year old Italian girl. I would like to get something quite 'British cool' for her if that makes sense. Last year she was into winx.

My dc are little so have no idea what a quite grown up seven year old would be into.. She has reasonable English. What is cool to seven year olds?

Also, what do trendy 27 year olds like for Christmas? Tend to fail a bit with our part time nanny on presents and would like to surprise her!

mamapain Sun 05-Oct-14 19:49:12

How much do you want to spend on each?

When you say the nanny is trendy, what do you mean by that? She dresses nicely or that she is very trend conscious generally? Does she have any specific interests?

pommedeterre Sun 05-Oct-14 20:12:04

Up to fifty pounds each so would like to get something good. Nanny loves beauty things but runs a small nail business and is qualified to do most things beauty like. She is trend conscious in terms of clothes. Also on slimming world so alcohol and chocs out! She does like jewellery and is quite house proud.

mamapain Sun 05-Oct-14 22:05:09

If she likes beauty, then perhaps something from Space NK. Normally around the beginning of november they start selling lots of lovely gift sets. The Nars ones are always lovely and usually include limited edition products.

Otherwise maybe she would like a Jo Malone or Diptyque Christmas candle or candle set.

inchoccyheaven Sun 05-Oct-14 22:14:05

Subscription to beauty magazine or fashion ?

spottymoo Wed 08-Oct-14 17:02:05

Subscription to scratch magazine for the nanny.

Nice diary and pen so she can keep appointments noted.

traviata Wed 08-Oct-14 22:30:14

for 7 y/o;


Doc Marten style boots or fancy wellies and umbrella set if you know her size

Toy horse and stable set, with a rider in full kit including jodpurs, eg Julip which is a British company

Sylvanian Families? they are available on Italian Amazon but I always thought they were primarily a UK/ American thing, perhaps someone will be along to correct me.

dustybinlydia Thu 09-Oct-14 17:45:29

For the 7 yr old...

a Design a Friend Doll from Argos
a pretty purse from Acessorize
A personalised yoyo....Lots of Ebay sellers are selling personalised, engraved, silver ones.

pommedeterre Sat 11-Oct-14 17:52:27

Thanks everyone!

Is cath kidston cool for 7 year olds? For the satchel idea maybe?

Accessorize is a good call!

traviata Sun 12-Oct-14 23:20:43

my 12 y/o DD & friends have liked Cath K for a while, her designs were definitely cool quite recently.

stealthsquiggle Sun 12-Oct-14 23:22:03

My 8yo would definitely approve of anything form Cath K

Szeli Mon 13-Oct-14 06:39:01

pop magazine for nanny? or something from 'pylones' for either of them?

pommedeterre Fri 31-Oct-14 12:15:51

I did cath k for the little girl.

Am thinking posh diary for the nanny - like smythson but cheaper! Any suggestions?! Thanks!

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