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John Lewis 'Tea with Santa'

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ag123 Sun 28-Sep-14 20:30:36

Hi there,

Was reading through some previous threads trying to find some recommendations for good Santa Grottos and saw someone mention a 'tea with Santa' experience at their local John Lewis. Does anyone know if these run nationally and if so how you go about booking it?

waithorse Sun 28-Sep-14 21:31:08

I've never heard of it. Sounds wonderful.

loubielou31 Sun 28-Sep-14 21:39:25

JL Bristol had them last year so I assume it is national. Booking was instore or online iirc. I think it was £15 per child and the gift was a nice looking bear. I was wondering if anyone went and would recommend it for my DDs this year.

waithorse Mon 29-Sep-14 07:38:17

I don't think it was in my local, because I'd probably have seen it advertised. Really hope they do it this year.

fluffyfanjo Mon 29-Sep-14 19:12:33

I took DS (aged nearly4) to the nottingham one last year and it was great.

Parents got hot drinks and a scone with jam,kids a lunch bag - everyone had their own table with place names,

The Big man himself was lovely and came to all the tables to talk to each child personally and dutifully posed for photos without rushing.

The presents were good quality and were selected for each child age sex/appropriately - each childs present was named and santa called each child up to receive their gift.

The staff were bloody marvelous and there was lots of singing and dancing etc.

The staff put in so much effort to make it special and I doubt that any profit would have been made. I can't wait for this year.

fluffyfanjo Mon 29-Sep-14 19:19:29

Meant to add it was £15 total (iirc) for one child and two parents/carers and I booked in the restaurant. I think extra children were £7 each

Considering its usually £4.95 for a lunch bag,plus a couple of coffees each for the adults and the added jam scones it was very good value for money.

SoonToBeSix Mon 29-Sep-14 19:22:03

That's sounds lovely, I hope they so it in liverpool.

ag123 Mon 29-Sep-14 19:32:42

But how did you find out about it/ sign up for it? It seems like they must not publicise it much as there is little trace on the internet...

waithorse Mon 29-Sep-14 19:42:31

That sounds amazing. I googled and couldn't find anything

IssyStark Tue 30-Sep-14 12:32:00

I couldn't see anything on my local JL store's webpages either, but assume it is too early as they don't have anything after October listed.

youmakemydreams Tue 30-Sep-14 12:49:14

Dobbies garden centres do a breakfast with Santa as well if there is one near you.
I had seen it advertised in store but did find it on the website too.
Was fab. Great breakfast, colouring in, singing songs and present and chance to pose for photos.
The grotto was £5 this was £8 or £9.

fluffyfanjo Tue 30-Sep-14 17:14:42

But how did you find out about it/ sign up for it? It seems like they must not publicise it much as there is little trace on the internet...

TBH I found out about it by over hearing a conversation in JL cafe - I think that word of mouth rec's mean they dont have to advertise and as places are limited they have no trouble filling them.

In our john lewis you just book in the actual restaurant.

moira850 Sun 08-Nov-15 19:18:15

Tea with Santa 2015, John Lewis Trafford Manchester

LikeSilver Sun 08-Nov-15 19:52:05

I was hoping they would do this in the new Birmingham store but when I emailed Customer Services they said they have no plans to sad Solihull are though.

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