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Do we have a Christmas 2014 decluttering thread yet?

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Titsalinabumsquash Sat 20-Sep-14 08:28:05

I wasn't sure if this should go in Good Housekeeping but I know people get twitchy enraged at the mention of Christmas in non designated topics! wink

Anyway, it's only 3 months away and my house needs a decluttering and sorting, would anyone want to join me in doing a small space at a time?

I'm a list maker, I'm planning on splitting my house into zones and doing one at a time and sorting into keep and lose piles and dealing with them there and then rather than sorting into new piles and leaving them to gather into more clutter.

Guitargirl Sat 20-Sep-14 08:33:08

I am just finishing mine today grin

Although, to be fair, our place was so far overdue a clear-out, nothing to do with Christmas.

I have one more cupboard to do, the Christmas cupboard where I hide presents, elf, pyjamas, etc. DP is taking the DCs swimming this afternoon and am planning on doing it then. Have left it till last as it's the only one I actually enjoy doing!

fuzzpig Sat 20-Sep-14 08:37:51

Oh yay! Thanks for this, I was considering starting one ('twas me who started it back in, what, 2012?) but felt like a fraud as I have little hope of getting much done. So I will sit back and admire the rest of you doing great things grin

Preciousbane Sat 20-Sep-14 08:42:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OverAndAbove Sat 20-Sep-14 09:01:01

I'm starting this weekend so would be glad of the company! I've started buying a few things and making some plans for the Xmas holidays, and I need mental space as much as anything. We have lots of family birthdays too in the next few weeks so I need to stay on top of it all.

I'll post later with a plan, and hopefully to report on a little first bit of progress.

didireallysaythat Sat 20-Sep-14 09:05:33

I'm in. The builder finished this week, dust everywhere, 6 loads of washing to do (I've been away) and I'm not sure what Christmas looks like but if would be nice if it was tidy.

Where to start ????

Titsalinabumsquash Sat 20-Sep-14 09:05:43

Hooray company! smile

I have an appointment today that will hopefully clear my mind a bit to allow me to get my bum into gear and start.

DS3's room is lovely and spotless, it was the last room to be decorated so it's still clean and nice.

My biggest challenge is the cupboard under the stairs that I'm transforming slowly into a store cupboard to compensate for my pitifully tiny kitchen.

I've painted I just need to lay the flooring and then build some shelving so I can't do the kitchen until then.

I'll be back later with a list that I'll hopefully be able to tick off over the coming weeks.

I've not been able to start my Christmas shopping yet but I do know what everyone is getting so that's a start. smile

Clutterbugsmum Sat 20-Sep-14 09:07:43

I'm just doing my first trip to the charity today

4 black sack of to small clothes (out grown uniform given to school for either spare or for those who can not afford it)

1 box of book
1 box of ornaments
1 children's workbench and pram.

I have wooden kitchen/shop going to the school on Tuesday when I have the car.

ipswichwitch Sat 20-Sep-14 09:14:55

I really want to tackle the cupboard under the stairs and our massive storage cupboard but I know there are spiders in there and they are feckin big!
Any ideas for getting rid? Never had this problem when we had the (spider eating) cat! Sadly we can't get another right now sad

Vicky5910 Sat 20-Sep-14 09:15:33

I'm in! Our house is full and we have no-where for the birthday presents dd just got, so Christmas will be a nightmare if we don't declutter!
Supposed to move house before Xmas but I'm losing hope on that one. At least there will be less to move if we do manage it! X

Vicky5910 Sat 20-Sep-14 09:16:43

Ipswich I think spiders hate tea tree oil and conkers. Throw some in and wait for them to scarper? Of course then they are in your house instead of just the cupboard...

Titsalinabumsquash Sat 20-Sep-14 09:19:10

Can you keep a Hoover close by to suck them up as you see them?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 20-Sep-14 09:27:06

I have to declutter the small bedroom aka the storage/dumping ground.

There is a whole heap of DD stuff to go onto eBay (need to photograph and organise)

I need to clear a space because my guinea-pigs move in for winter (I'm hoping that won't be till end Nov/early Dec but cannot forecast that far)

There's a load of toiletries I need to organise too

Going to be busy wink

ipswichwitch Sat 20-Sep-14 09:39:10

<bulk buys tea tree oil and conkers>

I caught a massive one this morning. Nearly fainted in the process but managed to get the jug on top and trap it ready for DH to release when he gets home!

I've got 3 plastic boxes of toiletries in the big cupboard - thanks for reminding me 70! They'll go for raffle prizes.

I recently took a massive pile of DC's outgrown clothes to the local women's refuge, and am currently sorting the next batch to go. Wonder if they like some toys too.

TheImprobableGirl Sat 20-Sep-14 09:55:02

Got an email today 70 saying there's 100 free listings on ebay this wkend? Could be some motivation!

cikecaka Sat 20-Sep-14 11:31:39

Oh can I join in! Have loads of washing to do! Need to declutter my room first! Going to make a start and spend an hour in it at 11.45, will report back!

AtlanticDrift Sat 20-Sep-14 11:37:00

I have a bag of clothes for my nephews to go and another for charity shop. I think thats the clothes sorted as I've been culling the wardrobes quite a bit of the summer. Need to do the play room as its a mass of broken/old/mcdonalds freebie toys. I have lost heart with ebay as have been screwed over by a few buyers claiming they did not receive things. My fault for not getting a tracking number I suppose.

MTWTFSS Sat 20-Sep-14 12:39:46

Just decluttered and organised my freezer smile Haven't done that since April.

dibdobs Sat 20-Sep-14 13:13:58

Hi can i join? Ive just got my two youngest to sort out their books, my youngests was quite empty (though its hard for me as hes getting rid of his old toddle books like gruffalo, hug etc), but hes now got half of ds2's so full up again lol. Its toys we really need to sort out as its lots of little things that they dont use but they like to look at now and again! Going to try to sort out some of ds1's later, wish me luck lol

Hassled Sat 20-Sep-14 13:18:45

I am decluttering/clearing/cleaning too. We have guests for Christmas each year and last year was just a stressful nightmare, in part because the house was a mess and I was under-prepared.

Current project is going through the Chest of Drawers of Fear, so I can then put photo albums in (bear in mind these were my grandparents' photo albums which I have no interest in but can't bring myself to chuck), thus freeing up space for books and meaning I don't have piles of books up the side of the stairs. It would be easier to just bin some books. Chest of Drawers of Fear has yielded DH's passport which expired in 1997 - he looked hilarious in his 1987 photo grin.

ValerieTheVodkaFairy Sat 20-Sep-14 13:57:34


All the cupboards need done
Cupboard under the stairs needs done and painted
Clothes need sorting and ebayed
DD toys need weeded

Blondieminx Sat 20-Sep-14 14:03:37

I have done the downstairs toyboxes - need to do DD's room next. Going to take a spot at our NCT nearly new sale.

Sorting through my clothes after that. I'm lurking on the Renovators thread in S&B and I know some stuff has to go!

Then the storage cupboards and a big trip to the charity shop!!!

Guitargirl Sat 20-Sep-14 17:04:11

I did the last cupboard today, the lockable Christmas present one. So, that's me all decluttered. It's taken me 2 weeks. It does feel pretty good, I have to say, more space for Christmas decorations now! grin

<wonders when we will get christmas smileys>

Blondieminx Sat 20-Sep-14 17:05:31

Good effort guitargirl

YY I want the Christmas smileys too but IIRC they only go live in December...

Kelly281 Sat 20-Sep-14 17:19:44

I'm in too. DD's birthday is beginning of October, between that and Christmas I'm going to be overrun with toys if I don't have a big clear out now.

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