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Anyone fancy a luxury larder challenge?

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WaitingForMe Fri 05-Sep-14 20:29:08

If we started on Monday we could do twelve projects prior to December. I'm thinking flavoured sprits, cakes, puddings, mincemeat etc.

Does anyone fancy joining me?

Disclaimer: I'm a poncetastic lunatic who can't wait until 25th Sept

I'd be happy to post the recipes I'll be doing.

MrsCR Fri 05-Sep-14 21:13:06

Marking my place for the flavoured spirits section blush

MamaPain Fri 05-Sep-14 21:19:48

I'm not that into the spirits, but was going to do most of the other things anyway. Would be good to get some new recipe ideas?

Hugecupcake Fri 05-Sep-14 21:39:09

Have taken delivery of 2 large bottles of gin readiness for the sloes!

iloveholidays Fri 05-Sep-14 21:40:30

I'm rubbish with things like this but following with interest grin

Hugecupcake Fri 05-Sep-14 21:44:27

Eagerly awaiting the first project.....

NecesitoDormir Fri 05-Sep-14 21:46:12

I'm in. I love ponciness!

plus3 Fri 05-Sep-14 21:50:50

I will join - planning to make sloe gin &maybe some blackberry whiskey. Very keen to make my first Christmas puddingas well

Fevertree Fri 05-Sep-14 21:53:51

I have pink currant gin, red currant rum, black berry whiskey, gooseberry gin and raspberry gin all already 'brewing' I've made my mincemeat and my dried fruit has just this evening been put in a jar with some alcohol to soak for my cake. Oh and I'm making chilli jam tonight too! What else?! Well up for this!!

EnglishGirlApproximately Fri 05-Sep-14 21:53:52

I'll join smile.Probably won't do all of them as spirits wouldn't get used and theres only me that will eat dried fruit so won't need a pud and a cake. Fab idea, I like a bit of Christmas ponciness

artex Fri 05-Sep-14 21:56:32

Yes! Me! I'll be needing homemade presents
What should I buy in anticipation of my poncey gift making?

Montegomongoose Fri 05-Sep-14 21:58:52

Me too please.

Fruit soaking? What fruit and soaking in what? Craving Christmas cake already.

Love a festive larder!

MrsHowardRoark Fri 05-Sep-14 21:59:46

I'm so in!
I just bought 2 giant bottles of gin to go with the sloes I'm hoping to forage this weekend. I love crafting for Christmas [loser]

Fevertree Fri 05-Sep-14 22:36:25

Montego, I have used 900g of mixed dried fruit, gone all posh this year and used sultanas, cranberries, dates, mixed peel, glacé cherries and pineapple. Delia says to soak it for at least twelve hours in 100ml brandy. I soak it for several days and have used dark rum. Disclaimer- I am not an expert! It does always turn out yummy for me though.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 05-Sep-14 22:57:42

I don't drink alcohol but I do like to make some Poncetastic marzipan.

I bought a 3 pack of Costco fruit cakes (thinking I could buy them at Christmas if they were nice, but they were dull sad )

I love making Christmas cake but chances are it doesn't get eaten. I will make one for my parents though ( no icing or marzipan ) . Then I can indulge in Cookery Fripperies and have the lovely smell of baking while I stroke the Kenwood Mixer .

TheOnlyOliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 05-Sep-14 23:08:28

poncetastic lurking.

Lovelydiscusfish Fri 05-Sep-14 23:17:22

Are sloes likely to be ready now, then? I haven't noticed any on my walks, and thought we usually had to wait a bit longer. Please tell me differently! Am all up for jumping the gun- I almost always do!

MamaPain Fri 05-Sep-14 23:39:23

I have never really understood Sloe Gin, drank it but always thought it was called 'Slow' Gin. Just googled sloes to finally learn, turns out we have these in my garden! Had no idea what they were for years, just told the kids not to touch them. I think I might be making some Sloe Gin this year grin

AmeliaPeabody Sat 06-Sep-14 00:07:49

I'm planning sloe gin. Can't pick 'em until October though (of course)

Supposed to be ready at the first frost. They need approx two months in order to be ready in time for Christmas.

McFox Sat 06-Sep-14 00:09:24

I was thinking of making some spirits so I'm in - I had this heady notion that being off work on maternity leave would lead to an all handmade christmas but am now revising that down to making spirits now that DS is actually here grin

AmeliaPeabody Sat 06-Sep-14 00:11:01

Excited at seeing fellow foragers!

Hawthorn and crab apple next week. I don't think hazelnuts quite ready? Also rowan berries in a few weeks I think, though they may be fine now I can't remember offhand.

HerrenaHarridan Sat 06-Sep-14 00:13:42

I'm in, I love Christmas poncing.

I have fudge vodka so far but that's it. Must gets some spirits.

And a (possibly belated) welcome to TheOnlyOlivia.
Great to see you back, has it really been that long?!?

minkah Sat 06-Sep-14 00:17:56

All year round ponce lurker here, due to Christmas cake worshipping tendencies.

WaitingForMe Sat 06-Sep-14 07:41:19

Sloe, hazelnut etc ripening times is the key thing here as each year I forget to pick sloes.

You need next to nothing to get started as you make flavoured spirits in their bottles for the most part. Just start looking around for fancy bottles once you're ready to strain them.

I'm going to make blackberry Whisky next week while I choose my Christmas cake. We're hosting a big family party in the run-up so I want a centrepiece that'll serve plenty.

Could blackberry Whisky makers please post their recipes?

plus3 Sat 06-Sep-14 12:45:43

This was the one I was going to try :

Blackberry whisky
Blackberry whisky is, so to speak, exactly the same as sloe gin but with completely different ingredients. Fill up a Kilner or jam jar with clean, dry blackberries, pour in granulated sugar to the two thirds mark then pour in (cheap!) whisky to the brim. Close the lid and shake. Shake again every day until all the sugar has dissolved. Leave as long as you can (a year is good), keeping the blackberries in the jar – they will make a fantastic dessert served with ice-cream when the time comes.

Source: The Guardian

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