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Boxes of nice luxury chocolates for Christmas - which one?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 04-Sep-14 23:01:42

DH doesn't eat chocolate
DS not keen he likes jelly sweets
DD will sample anything (that's my girl wink )

So...what nice box of chocolates should I buy for Christmas for me

I quite like the Thorntons in the white box (Continental I think)
I bought Lindt last year (nice but a bit heavy on the pralines)

I like nuts, no alcohol and no fruit+chocolate.

So.......any suggestions.
(The DC will get a tin of Heroes or Celebrations, so they won't feel deprived )

Bedtime1 Fri 05-Sep-14 03:22:48

I like the charbonnel chocolate truffles. They do them in different flavours. Look on John Lewis . They also have lots of different chocolates on there, particularly at chistmas.

KnackeredMuchly Fri 05-Sep-14 07:29:41

Marks and Sparks have half price Belgian chocs - BBE april 2015 if you wanted to buy early

VivaLeBeaver Fri 05-Sep-14 07:31:05

Hotel chocolat

HolgerDanske Fri 05-Sep-14 07:55:55

Godiva. Lovely chocolate.

HolgerDanske Fri 05-Sep-14 07:57:28

Oh and last year the chocolate covered marzipan was a big success - most popular selection with my teenage daughters. I can't remember the make but I bought it at waitrose.

KEGirlOnFire Fri 05-Sep-14 09:17:47

If you hold off for a bit and sign up to thorntons, near to xmas they do amazing xmas choc hampers and do them for half price. Last year I got the following hamper, normally £60, got it for £30:

1 x large classic box
1 x large dessert chocolates
1 x large continental chocolates
1 x large special toffee box
4 x packets of viennese/alpini chocolates
4 x individual bars of viennese/alpini chocolates

It was an amazing deal. You can break it down for gifts or give it to your dh, but it's definitely worth the money. Comes in a fab solid pretty cardboard box aswell. They do lots of different hampers aswell, tempted to get the children's one when it's half price aswell...

HolgerDanske Fri 05-Sep-14 09:20:54

For truffles Mr Bo Jangles chocolates are lovely and not too much money. Good rich chocolate of the sort that lends itself to limiting one's intake to just a few smile

KEGirlOnFire Fri 05-Sep-14 09:24:10

This one is half price at the moment with a code they give on the page.

Only1scoop Fri 05-Sep-14 09:25:07


0pheliaBalls Sat 06-Sep-14 13:35:22

yy to Hotel Chocolat. DH buys me one of their Christmas H boxes every year and they're gorgeous!

MTWTFSS Sat 06-Sep-14 15:16:29

Anthon Berg

missmargot Sat 06-Sep-14 15:21:41

Artisan du Chocolat. Everything they do is amazing but their sea salt caramels are spectacular.

daisydalrymple Sat 06-Sep-14 15:29:20

Prestat for me. I love the hazelnut praline truffle, but they do other varieties too.

LokiBear Sat 06-Sep-14 16:42:09

Mil always buys me a box of the Thorntons mint selection. I also love Ferrero Roacher (not sure on the spelling! ). Not particularly posh but v yummy smile

CariadsDarling Sat 06-Sep-14 16:50:49


NormHonal Sat 06-Sep-14 16:59:02

If you're blowing the budget, the Artisan du Chocolat advent calendar was a real highlight for us a few years back. One or two exquisite truffles a day - amazing.

Charbonnel et Walker also worth sampling.

On a more sensible smaller budget, I bought lots of the on-offer M&S boxes last year and am seriously tempted to do the same this year. They were really useful as presents, and I think we had one left over for ourselves.

CariadsDarling Sat 06-Sep-14 17:10:40

That Artisan chocolate looks lovely.

marne2 Sat 06-Sep-14 17:35:00

Hotel chocolate are well worth the money, I don't like thorntons ( too sweet for me ). I would rather have a nice posh box of chocolates rather than a tin of roses.

Crutchlow35 Sat 06-Sep-14 18:22:16

Hotel chocolat. Thorntons chocs are horrid IMO.

Catsmamma Sat 06-Sep-14 18:26:26

thorntons are MOST definitely not what they used to be.

M&S had some very nice ones last year... big flat box...single layer, very reminiscent of the lindt style ones. They were on offer when I bought a box...£6 or 7 instead of about 15 I think

Badvoc123 Sat 06-Sep-14 18:29:53

Hotel chocolat

Lovelydiscusfish Sat 06-Sep-14 18:30:56

Interesting others saying Thorntons have gone down hill - dh and I have remarked on this among ourselves (I could still trough an entire large box in one sitting, mind you).
Hotel Chocolat are the best I've had, bar stuff from little independent chocolate shops (which I don't see much any more). But Hotel Chocolat is so pricey, I think!

Frontier Sat 06-Sep-14 18:31:52

I agree, Thorntons disappoint every time nowadays. I'm never quite sure if they've become too sweet and cheap tasting or whether my taste has matured and I've become a chocolate snob used to real chocolate.

My favourite "affordable" chocs are the Lindor dark ones.

Catsmamma Sat 06-Sep-14 18:33:55

Lovelydiscusfish ...I wouldn't say no either, but for preference I'd have something a bit more upmarket! grin

...they often have the biggish boxes in Home Bargains, sometimes excess reject Valentines or Mothering Sunday, but no one here cares about the box! grin

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