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Christmas presents traditions

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disneymum3 Mon 01-Sep-14 13:54:26

I have been inspired by the Christmas bargains thread, where a few of the ladies are discussing how presents are given and who the children believe they are from. Which got me intrigued as to people traditions of president giving.

In my House we have stocking that are filled with Christmas themed chocolate by Santa, (apart from when my DC were too young for chocolate, such as last year DS2 was only 1month old at Christmas so he got a teddy in his).
Then under the tree there main present is from me and DH (and is labelled from mum and dad). They then have a Santa sack full of little stocking filler type prezzies, which is from Santa. Also there presents given by family members.

What about everyone else??

snowmanshoes Mon 01-Sep-14 14:37:38

We do a main present from Santa (not the biggest one but something nice they have put on their Christmas list) They then will also get some smaller filler presents from Santa ie. usually a board game, crafty bits, colouring pens, something new and exciting that mommy and daddy wouldn't buy (this year moon shoes for my dd8!) and then they get their most expensive present from mommy and daddy plus other bits and pieces I have picked up throughout the year and both my daughters buy each other a present or two. We do a stocking that I really really try to put useful things in but also that has the odd bit of tat here and there or it wouldn't be a stocking now would it?!?!
My parents buy a nice present and my pils tend to buy clothes that don't fit. Me and my sister swap presents for each others children of the same value and agree this value together about this time so we spend the same. We always tell each other what to get so we know the kids are going to love it and its not a waste - this can be a mixture of clothes/toys. Oh yes, there is always a toy from Rudolph (about £10) just for the fun of it. I'll just label something I have picked up throughout the year from Rudolph, I don't get anything special but they do have something the same.

polomoomin Mon 01-Sep-14 16:37:25

Stockings are the most boring presents so undies, socks, wash mitts, toothbrushes, cutlery, bubble bath etc. They open them first to get them out of the way. They do have a couple of sweet treats in them too- chocolate Santa and sugar mice so not 100% dullsville grin.

They get a couple of presents on 1st December with North Pole breakfast that are from the elf on the shelf. Their Christmas Eve hamper is also from EOTS. Christmas Day presents are all from us or family except the main one. Whatever the one main thing they reaaaally wanted is, that's from Santa.

AtlanticDrift Mon 01-Sep-14 19:45:03

Mum & dad- christmas eve gift of pj's , book etc. & new clothes for christmas
Santa-stocking & all the cool wow presents
Then different gifts from family members &friends

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