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Anyone have a Balsam Hill 'realistic' artificial Christmas tree?

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forcookssake Sun 31-Aug-14 12:27:00

I can see they're £££s but the photos look great and there's a sale on right now.
We live up stairs and tight corners so an actual real tree is not an option, so I'd be willing to invest in a great artificial one. If they're good wink
Any experience of these trees?

charleybarley Sun 31-Aug-14 12:32:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

forcookssake Sun 31-Aug-14 12:37:28

Thanks charley that's really helpful. Even though I'm only looking at the Sale section I'm hesitant to spend such an amount BUT I'm recently trying to 'buy once, buy well' and I think these fit the bill smile

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sun 31-Aug-14 13:00:00

Ooh, interested in responses to this. We normally have a real tree, but last year's was bug infested and I'm seriously thinking of an artificial one this year. Want to get one that looks really good though.

Myhensareladies Sun 31-Aug-14 13:05:41

Oh I looking for a 'nice' tree his year, can you post the link? Thanks

forcookssake Sun 31-Aug-14 14:44:14

hi myhens, I've just taken the plunge and ordered one from the sale section grin
I'm on my phone so forgive a possibly non-worky link...
There are only a few styles that still have 6 or 7 foot sizes remaining, but if you can be flexible there are some good savings.

girlywhirly Mon 01-Sep-14 09:50:31

I think the better the quality the longer they last, so will save you money over the years. We have one from a different company that has lasted very well, including being climbed by our cat, and this year will be it's 13th outing. Provided you pack it away and store it carefully yours should give you many years of enjoyment.

You can change your theme/colour scheme to your hearts content but it will always look fabulous because you have a really good tree at the centre of it all.

If I was after a new tree, it would be Balsam Hill I think.

tufmudda Tue 08-Jan-19 08:03:35

Just too delivery of a Frazer fur's awful ..not the same in any way shape or colour. Sending it back will cost me £15. I really do not recommend these trees. Customer service is awful a different name on each email . poor poor poor quality...also the 'very realistic' needles are only on the ends of the branches..Over priced ,not nice.

DippyDuck123 Tue 08-Jan-19 09:05:53

I bought a Fraser Fir in the Black Friday sales. @tufmudda I've got to disagree with you... It is a thing of beauty! Very, very realistic, the only giveaway being it's almost too perfect shape wise. I wanted a Nordmann but they didn't do the particular height I needed. Please also bare in mind that the full versions are extremely full, the narrow versions are still huge! So, measure your space. Coupled with some senticles (fragrance sticks you hang within the tree) they are exceptional.

Get one! grin

DippyDuck123 Tue 08-Jan-19 09:06:44

Also they are very high quality including the luxurious packaging.

tufmudda Tue 08-Jan-19 09:31:30

It's not the same as the glossy picture..can't agree with you at all.

DippyDuck123 Tue 08-Jan-19 09:51:56

@tufmudda, I'd say mine looked exactly the same as the website photos! To be fair I can't dress them as well. Did you take your time and fluff it? It needs a good 30mins+ of fluffing....

We'll have to agree to disagree.

@forcookssake, just take a look at the reviews and past threads on here!

Deminism Wed 09-Jan-19 00:41:18

I love ours. Not sure the model but is 7ft pre lit balsalm hill. I miss the pine smell but not the needles everywhere. Looks beautiful all lit up. Only took it down on Sunday and now missing it.

Ahamstercalledspam Thu 10-Jan-19 15:59:12

I have had one for 4 years & I’m
Very happy with it. If you sign up to their newsletter & wait until November they always have an extra 20% off the sale price smile

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