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Disney Infinity - Help?!

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almamatters Sun 31-Aug-14 10:35:55

I've been searching the forum for advice on disney infinity, I know a lot is posters prefer skylanders, but I can safely say that disney will be preferred by my children (5 & 4 at Christmas!)

Problem is, no matter how much I read about it, I just don't get looks really confusing, I don't know what I need to buy! I need "an idiots guide....."

Can anyone shed any light?

fairgame Sun 31-Aug-14 12:51:50

It is very confusing and very expensive!

DS had this last christmas and was bitterly disappointed and sold it a few month back. He said it was boring sad

Basically you get a platform which you put the characters on. Once they are on the platform they are in the game.

There are 2 modes to playing - toybox and playset.

Each playset comes with 2 characters and the playset piece.
In playset mode you have to put a playset piece and the corresponding characters on the platform to play. Example - disney cars. You have to put the playset piece (trophy) on the platform then you can put mater or lightening on the platform and play the disney cars game.
In playset mode you can only play the right characters with the game ie you cannot put buzz lightyear into the disney cars game.
If you want to play toy story then you have to buy the playset pack which has the playset piece and the 2 toy story characters.

Toybox mode is a bit more fun.
All characters can play in toybox mode. You don't need a playset piece for it. You could play mickey and buzz lightyear together in toybox mode.
There are different modes in toybox such as building mode, driving mode, combat mode and some others. You basically have to build the world in order to play. So in driving mode you have to build your own racetrack.
When you play a new character in toybox mode, you get to open a treasure chest which unlocks more features for you to build with.
In toybox mode you can also get power discs. You get 2 in a pack and they unlock different coloured backdrops or give power ups to the characters.

Basically the more you buy the more you get.

On Wii you can only play one character at a time, there is no multiplayer option in playset mode but i think you can do 2 players in toybox mode.

The playset's are like traditional computer games where you can complete them. Unfortunately they are quick and easy to complete.

They are now also brought out the 2nd version which is the marvel superheroes version. I believe the disney and the marvel versions cannot be played together fully so you will have to check if your dc want to do both.

You need deep pockets for this game. Each playset is £15 - £30 and each seperate character is £10 minimum.
We ended up with a disney cars playset then DS bought vanellope out of wreck it ralph which he could play in toybox. If the character is a toybox only character then on the packet there is a little toybox logo.

I hope this makes some sort of sense to you. If not i'll try and explain a bit better.

anyoldname76 Sun 31-Aug-14 12:53:20

Disney infinity is brilliant, my ds (5) loves it. You buy the main game which comes with the portal and a couple of figures, you can buy other character sets, the crystal looking pieces are new games for that character set. We are getting him the marvel infinity for Christmas

TeWiSavesTheDay Sun 31-Aug-14 13:02:15

We've been looking at this but reviews seemed to suggest it might be too hard for a 5yo. Undecided!

kimlo Sun 31-Aug-14 13:10:29

I got the starter set last year in the amazon black friday sale for £30. So if you can it might be worth holding on for that to see if it comes up again, if it doesnt there should still be time to get it anyway.

ChunkyPickle Sun 31-Aug-14 13:11:06

My DS (3 at the time, 4 now) enjoyed running around, but we had to do the missions for him (and he did enjoy watching)

Be careful - I believe that a new version is coming out (from something DP said when I suggested the super-hero playset for DS's birthday) and I don't know what the impact will be on the old version.

DS didn't really enjoy the toybox as there wasn't a lot to do, and we've never bothered with the power discs - I think they'd be better for the older kids who might enjoy building things.

M27J5M Sun 31-Aug-14 13:20:26

My son got this last Christmas, he turned 5 a month after, he loves it and still plays it regularly, has most of the carachters and as much as they do cost a bit I've got most of ours on special deals or sale! Previously had sky landers which he hated and found too difficult to play so it's now been sold

keeganface Sun 31-Aug-14 16:10:31

My dd(7) got disney infinity for Christmas last year and I was a bit sceptical to be honest.

It was money well spent as she plays it regularly. The new version is out next month I think and I think the old characters will play on the new version but the new characters will not play on the original version.

Th characters can be pricey but often on offer in asda and can be bought pre owned quite cheaply.

almamatters Sun 31-Aug-14 17:25:51

Thanks all! And thank you fairgame, your description is the most helpful explanation I've read so far, it's the marvel characters that are swaying me, so I will go for the new version, that's why I'm thinking about it now, as it imagine it will be like goLD dust in the weeks leading up to C-DAY! My kids have never played computer games or anything g like that, so I'm half reluctant to get them started, but I don't know what else to get them really!

escape Sun 31-Aug-14 18:17:15

The new version is out in September/October - hence the price drop in the original edition. However, it's a good opportunity to buy. as younger children don't know the difference anyway, so a good 'starter'.

Littlemousewithcloggson Sun 31-Aug-14 21:15:34

Please can i ask a question too as I am clueless re this as well.My DD has also asked for this for christmas. We have a wii and an xbox so which one is best for disney infinity?

GerbilsAteMyCat Sun 31-Aug-14 21:26:32
There are two 2.0 starter packs, the marvel one and another with Merida.
We have it for the xbox and it is much loved. You can download pre built toyboxes on line and extend the play. Mickey Mouse is one of the best characters if you can pick him up and Elsa from Frozen is brilliant too. She freezes people. I would get the xbox version simply because it is better for 2 players.

fairgame Sun 31-Aug-14 21:51:08

I agree xbox version would be the best

BBQsAreSooooOverrated Tue 02-Sep-14 08:50:42

My 2 ds' (5&8) had the original infinity game for christmas last year. They're still playing it now so they seem to enjoy it. They're fans of minecraft too and the toybox mode is similar in that you can make your own worlds, they really enjoy doing that.

I think they'll be asking for the marvel edition for christmas too.

Clr2014 Tue 02-Sep-14 18:44:57

Would my 10yo ds be too old for it?

fairgame Tue 02-Sep-14 18:48:14

Not sure. My DS was 9 and found it boring. I don't know anybody else his age who has it though.

scrappydappydoo Tue 02-Sep-14 21:57:06

Just as a heads up the new version will not be available on the wii just the wii U very disappointed as we only have a wii and not going to shell out for a new console. I'm umming and erring about buying the old version as dd2 has asked for it for xmas but seems pointless if all new characters won't play on it..

BuildersBum Wed 03-Sep-14 12:45:35

We got Disney Infinity for the Wii U a few months back, when it was reduced. We love it.

It was around the time they released another set of the blind bags and the characters were reduced all over the place. Saved a fortune. There is a lot to buy, but you only have to buy what characters / playsets you want. You don't need them all.

I've still got some playsets & characters stashed away, from the last lot of reductions, ready for Xmas.

The playset games are great fun, not too taxing or long. A serious gamer may not be impressed, but for children I think they are a great 'size'. We picked playsets up for about £12, at that price, the game is good value -not really at RRP.

I've yet to get into Toybox mode, but I can see the potential game play there is staggering.

Getting the pieces in blind bags can help improve powers & lives etc. I've seen them in CEX etc and there is a page on FB for trading.

We're not going to buy the Marvel release until it is reduced, a LOT wink

parentallyinept Wed 03-Sep-14 13:48:05

Clr2014 - my ds is 8, and found it very boring very quickly. I'm actually selling his set with the promise that he can have the new Skylanders set (much loved in this house, by him and his 2 younger sisterssmile) with whatever I get for it.

3pigsinblanketsandasausagerole Fri 05-Sep-14 06:33:39

My eldest two got this last year, they were 4 and 5 at the time

They LOVE it still

This yr they are upgrading to the 2.0

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