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Christmas shows (London) ?

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redpickle Sat 30-Aug-14 20:49:15

Any recommendations for DD 6yrs and DS 3 yrs?

Looking for a lovely family show with lots of Christmas magic!

superram Sat 30-Aug-14 21:01:09

Room on the broom was great and is on this year but maybe not Christmassy.

LindaMcCartneySausage Sat 30-Aug-14 21:05:53

Depends what you want - there's loads on!

It's not a west end show in a big theatre, but I'd really recommend Little Angel's puppet theatre in Islington. They do Christmas shows and the puppetry is extraordinary.

Otherwise, check out what's on at Sadlers Wells if you have a DD or a DS who is into dance. That might suit older children better.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 30-Aug-14 22:07:27

Sadlers Wells has The Snowman (it is £££) I took my DS when he was 5yo. He;ll be 15 this Christmas and still remembers it.

DD (12) and I usually go to a ballet (Nutcracker or Swan Lake) but this year we've booked The Little Matchgirl <<sad>>
But I think they're a 5+ age restriction.

Donthackmenow Sun 31-Aug-14 18:15:01

I just booked snowman tickets, so excited! I have booked tickets in the circle and then my friend told me it 'snows' over the stalls so need to try and change my tickets smile. Hoping to tie it in with a visit to the grotto at Hamley's or Harrods and am taking the Grandma's so some serious brownie points!!

Annetter Mon 01-Sep-14 10:45:07

Father Christmas (Raymond Briggs) is on at Lyric Hammersmith and considerably cheaper than snowman (ages 0-6) so may be a gem for pre-K'ers

HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Wed 03-Sep-14 15:04:28

Is the 5+ ballet age restriction very strict? I'd love to take DD1 but she will only be four. She has never been to a show before but she is very good at being still and quiet at the cinema.

She's also quite tall so wouldn't "look" under 5 IYKWIM.

Or is that awful and should I just wait one more year?

Heels99 Wed 03-Sep-14 16:18:11

We love the pantomime, very Christmassy, lots of fun, no need to be quiet everyone joins in, just a fab fun thing to do for all the family. Choose carefully

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 03-Sep-14 17:48:42

I think HoldMe that an under 5 yo (or even over 5 ) would struggle with ballet unless they did ballet themselves. I took DD to see The Nutcracker when she was 8-9yo and unless you know the story ( same with Swan Lake) you wouldn't follow it from the ballet itself.
We saw a couple of presentations, in one , they were a small group , so each dancer played different parts.
We bought the glossy programme for Swan Lake (which was nice grin ) but we'd looked online for the story before.
There's a lot of dancing that I reckon would be a bit boring for a young child.

I took DS to The Snowman at 5 , he loved it.
And 5 is perfect for Pantomime oh yes it is wink

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