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Joined MN specifically for Christmassy talk! Advent calendar fillings, help!

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ItsFunnierInEnochian Thu 28-Aug-14 21:49:28

Hello all! grin

DDs will 6.5 years and almost 4 this Christmas, as well as the usual chocolate calendar I've decided to purchase a Gingerbread House calendar.

10 of these will be craft days, for after school. Does anyone know where I can decent crafty stuff from?

All suggestions on other entries are very welcome smile

twolittledarlings Fri 29-Aug-14 00:08:33


Great for crafty bits and bobs

MissLurkalot Fri 29-Aug-14 00:13:11

The works

Wait4nothing Sat 30-Aug-14 08:50:23

Hobbycraft have a christmas sale atm

Neeko Sat 30-Aug-14 13:57:29

Wilkos do some nice Christmas craft things (though too early yet).

50ShadesofXmas Sat 30-Aug-14 18:27:40

Was going to say the works, poundland or wilkos. Sounds lovely!

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