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I'm getting started - Grotto booked! congratulate me??

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GeorgieBubbleBoo Thu 28-Aug-14 12:46:54

I've just booked Santa's Grotto!!!

how blooming mega organised am I? I copied a more organised friend after deciding she perhaps wasn't so loopy after all for booking now

How do I do this elf on the shelf stuff with a 2 year old? only heard of it just now looking through MN Xmas threads

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

mcdog Thu 28-Aug-14 13:23:18

Where have you booked? So exciting smile

SpottyTeacakes Thu 28-Aug-14 13:25:05

I booked my first one at the weekend grin I can't wait, which one did you book? We did chessington, still need to do harrods!

peaz Thu 28-Aug-14 14:41:31

We've booked ours too! The slots came out yesterday and I've just checked it- no weekend slots available, and the three days before Christmas Day (ie, the start of the hols) have all gone now!

It's at a garden centre and they really do go all out. Elves, winter wonderland, singing,'s great!

GeorgieBubbleBoo Thu 28-Aug-14 15:10:56

shock Peaz I wonder if it's the same one I booked, it's Ruxley manor?

KnackeredMuchly Thu 28-Aug-14 15:32:36

So glad to see people caring about Santa's grotto. I wanted to take my baby last year to see his first proper Santa and I asked on a local FB group where to go.

I did not get the PFB responses that I wanted blush so didn't bother taking him to any. I am going to do something MAGICAL year!!

GeorgieBubbleBoo Thu 28-Aug-14 15:36:18

Aww knackered that's a shame, it's probably better now there a little bit older though tbh

I think I would have been flamed had I asked my fb crew, it was only that someone else had said they'd booked and where they were going that prompted me

glenthebattleostrich Thu 28-Aug-14 15:40:09

Thanks for the nudge. Need to get mine booked when I get paid. I'm organising for a group of friends as I am 'lucky' enough to get the best slots!!!

LiveInABox Thu 28-Aug-14 15:42:50

Ooo how magical! Can anyone recommend a grotto in Manchester/Cheshire for a 2.5 yr old? Hoping to do the Santa Steam train but would love a proper grotto too!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 28-Aug-14 17:35:29

Aww Grottos are lovely smile
Mine will be 15 and 12.6 by Christmas so beyond the Grotto stage (but that's a whole new ball game trying to find something for teens/pre-teens )

When my DS was 3, we went on a Santa Train at Mangapps (Burnham on Crouch) . They did Thomas the Tank Engine days which he loved.
When he was 4 (DD was 18 months) we went to Deal Castle in Kent - there were activities (drawing, running about exploring) to keep them busy, a huge tree and a Father Christmas (very young FC grin with a bag of sweets and a chat)
When they were 5 and 2.6 we went on another Steam Train, Father Christmas walked through the train to sit and chat with them.

This year, we're going to Harry Potter (should be festive , lots of lights and trees)

The tickets for Lapland UK are on sale in September but mine are too old now .(I haven't been, won't get the chance until I get grandchildren grin )

peaz Thu 28-Aug-14 19:48:51

Georgie- yes! Have you been before? We went last year and a couple of years before and it was lovely.

xalyssx Thu 28-Aug-14 20:42:54

Is there anything good for toddlers near Canterbury or Maidstone?

Floralnomad Thu 28-Aug-14 20:46:34

There is the Reindeer centre at Bethersden xalyssx .

Whitershadeofpale Thu 28-Aug-14 20:58:10

I've booked ruxley too, very excited!

Jellypudmum Thu 28-Aug-14 21:04:10

Just had Harrods email saying booking is opening soon (sadly I am only green tier; the gold tier gets the first pick a day early)!! Any nice gold card holders want to share their privilege?? blush

GeorgieBubbleBoo Thu 28-Aug-14 22:38:04

It's going to be my first time to Ruxley!

Wish I knew of a steam train near South London, went to one in the Peak District recently and was magical but be wonderful for Xmas! Looked up polar express but too far and way beyond my budget!

Booked a panto today too!

MissLurkalot Fri 29-Aug-14 00:10:01

Leeds castle should have good stuff on for little ones.

I'm green tier too, but managed to get the last Sunday in November last year .. So positive thoughts and crossing everything for a good slot this year.

Floralnomad Fri 29-Aug-14 06:48:43

There is a Santa steam train near Tenterden ( I think) and also the RH&D light railway do Christmas stuff at Hythe .

SpottyTeacakes Fri 29-Aug-14 06:55:20

Did you sign up for mini harrods? I'm green too but as a member of mini harrods you get the same priority as black tier

SpottyTeacakes Fri 29-Aug-14 07:06:55

Argh I've just looked and it says nothing about mini harrods on the email this year! I've emailed them to ask

SpottyTeacakes Fri 29-Aug-14 07:11:03

I've just re read it and they've changed it sad I'm not sure we will be able to get a slot now!

Floellabenjamin Fri 29-Aug-14 07:13:31

Anyone know of one near Kingston?

snowmanshoes Fri 29-Aug-14 07:51:16

I've just booked Warwick Castle 'Breakfast with Santa' and can't wait. It was already fully booked a couple of days right before Christmas so glad you all are talking about it which made me look and get it booked for the day I want! OOh so excited!

KEGirlOnFire Fri 29-Aug-14 08:04:54

I've booked the polar express in Okehampton. grin

MissLurkalot Fri 29-Aug-14 20:39:17

Spotty .. Nooooooooo!!!
Well, let's all cross our fingers for 12th sept whey the email goes out.

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