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I've started my Christmas de-clutter!

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50ShadesofXmas Wed 27-Aug-14 21:25:09

I normally do a big de-clutter just before Christmas but end up with things everywhere while we take them to the charity shop, tip etc so I'm starting early and getting prepared!

I've done ds1's room (took 3 days!), done ds2's room and today done our room, tomorrow it's the bathrooms turn. I usually start downstairs and then run out of steam by the time it comes to upstairs, so it's a quick shove things under beds/in wardrobes but this time, I've done it properly!

From all 3 rooms, I've took 5 bin liners to the charity shop and 3 bin liners to the tip - unbelievable. I hoping it will now be easier to clean too.

I'll do downstairs when boys are back at school/nursery.

LokiBear Wed 27-Aug-14 21:28:20

That is impressive! I can't wait to do mine. Unfortunately DH thinks that Toy Story is true to life and doesn't ever want to re home anything! hmm

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 27-Aug-14 23:29:40

My DD has cluttered up the small bedroom with her blardy Sylvanian Family collection (the very same SF collection that she is meant to be selling to get the money for an iPhone hmm )

It needs to be gone before winter because that's where my guinea-pigs sleep in winter grin

DH and I will take a load of bags to the skip ( things from the attic and things the binmen won;t take )
We're burning our way through a load of branches.

Bag of clothes to the Charity shop on Tuesday and a coat of DH waiting to go out.

About 3 years ago, I took some of DD old Build-a-Bear toys to the Charity shop. DD had a wardrobe and bed (with the bedding) she put all the outfits on the hangers and the shoes in the wardrobe.

They said they had to sell it as one unit because that's how I brought it in confused . I don't know what they priced it at, they cost ££ new, but DD wanted "another little girl" to have all the fun of playing with it that she had.

I haven't dared to venture into DS room grin

iloveholidays Thu 28-Aug-14 00:11:31

I had a huge sort out of clothes at the weekend. I've now started pulling toys out to try and sell on Facebook!!! I find I'm more ruthless if I see some money in return for getting rid smile grin

still a lot to declutter but have definitely made a start!

loubielou31 Thu 28-Aug-14 00:15:41

Good work. Mine starts next week when the DCs are back at school and I can hopefully rehome some toys they've outgrown without being told that they are their favourites and that we have to keep them. I sort out some clothes they've outgrown whilst I got the school uniform ready for next week.
I would quite like to get rid of some of the stuff in the loft that is for a car boot sale we will never get round to doing.

loubielou31 Thu 28-Aug-14 00:20:56

LokiBear I feel your husbands pain. Toy Story has really affected me, I feel extremely guilty if I don't properly rehome things. I'm going to need extensive counselling because there are loads of toys that I need to clear out. grin

CiderwithBuda Thu 28-Aug-14 00:24:02

Me too. It's not officially the Christmas declutter but we were re-arranging DS's bedroom as promised him a desk as he moves up to senior school. So we did his room and got rid of loads. He picked a new desk. Won't go with th wardrobe so getting a new wardrobe too. Old wardrobe will move into spare bedroom. Current wardrobe in spare bedroom will convert into a shelved cupboard and move into office. All of this moving means emptying stuff so I'm taking the opportunity to be ruthless.

It all takes co-ordinating to ensure we don't just move crap around. Which is what we normally do!

I was hoping to sell some stuff on Facebook but our local groups are closed and althgh I have applied to join I haven't heard anything.

Whiskwarrior Thu 28-Aug-14 00:24:09

How can it be a Christmas de-clutter in August? Surely it's just a de-clutter.

I'm doing much the same thing over the next few days - it's got bugger all to do with Christmas!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 28-Aug-14 01:19:39

It's on the Christmas Threads so it's a Christmas De-Clutter Whisk

When my DD gave me her Build-a-Bear stuff it was on the strict instruction that another little girl got it for Christmas.

Hopefully when the Sylvanians get sold it will be her Christmas and mine all at once. She gets money, I get space, guinea-pigs get their bedroom.
Win/Win smile

Whiskwarrior Thu 28-Aug-14 01:38:32

Oh, ok then.

I'm going to my Christmas bed now then. For Christmas sleep.

<do not let it be fecking Christmas day when I wake up - I've got NOTHING!>

whathaveiforgottentoday Thu 28-Aug-14 01:40:49

I've just done my DD's room and I'm the least organised person I know. I think its the weather tricking me into thinking its really November.

BiddyPop Thu 28-Aug-14 07:40:47

I started my Holiday Grand Plan declutter last week, 2 weeks early as the place is so bad. I've Dione the study and the guest/au pair room (new au pair arrives tomorrow) so far, and DD's art/study corner downstairs.

I don't even want to think anymore of the amount already gone just from those. But lots of progress so far, with bin, recycling, charity shop all benefitting hugely.

The HGP has some Christmas prep and some home cleaning/decluttering every week, so the whole house and family are prepared, usually by 1 person, for Christmas in 16 weeks.

50ShadesofXmas Thu 28-Aug-14 08:45:48

I need that long whisk smile

I want the house de-cluttered by the end of sept so I have places to put the Christmas presents! And it makes it much easier to keep clean as all birthdays are done, except for me but I don't get "stuff" as such.

I think it feels nearer to Christmas because the weather is so lousy, it's hard to remember that it's still August!

CiderwithBuda Thu 28-Aug-14 09:03:04

Completely agree that the weather is to blame! If it feels like winter and looks like winter it must be nearly Christmas!

I want to be done by the end of September too. Not sure I'll get much done today as I'm hoping to get DS into town for school shoe shopping. And I need to start the dreaded uniform labelling mission.

Next room to tackle is spare bedroom which is covered in random bedding and duvets and pillows. I've bought some of those vacuum storage bags and will clear airing cupboard at the same time. MIL wants to come for a few days and th wardrobe in that room is being moved so that all needs doing now anyway. And then it will be ready for Xmas present storage and also for my sis, BIL and niece go stay in at Xmas.

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