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Which TV specials/dramas/films get you in the Christmas mood?

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0pheliaBalls Thu 21-Aug-14 19:24:08

You know, those one-off dramas or specials that become classics, or maybe lesser known ones which you love. The ones which get dusted off each year in September that make you feel all sparkly and tingly and excited grin

We love Bernard And The Genie, it's become a tradition that we watch it the evening we put the tree up with Bailey's all round. Not many people seem to have heard of it - it's a made for TV BBC film which was first shown in about 1992 with Lenny Henry, Rowan Atkinson and Alan Cumming. It's hilarious and sweet smile

Also there's this silly TV film called The Ghost Of Greville Lodge which they put on usually in November - it's a children's ghost story with Prunella Scales and George Cole. Me and DD love it, we cosy up on the sofa with hot chocolate and get excited because Christmas is just around the corner!

What are your favourites?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 21-Aug-14 19:32:09

Lost Christmas grin

I love a scary (not horror) - something like The Turn of the Screw or Crooked House. But I didn't get Whistle and I'll Come to You

I've got Box of Delights somewhere but haven't watched it.

A Christmas Carol (the Jim carey one)

DC love Nativity 1 & 2

And Love Actually has to be in there blush

loubielou31 Thu 21-Aug-14 19:40:19

I think we must have started these threads at the same time. great minds? grin

misstiredbuthappy Thu 21-Aug-14 20:22:34

Royle family Christmas specials.
Gavin and Stacey
Call the midwife
Cbeebies Panto blush

ShoeJunkie Thu 21-Aug-14 20:24:08

I always watch the muppet Christmas carol while wrapping my presents.


0pheliaBalls Thu 21-Aug-14 20:26:47

Lou looks like we did! grin Though I was thinking more along the lines of made for TV stuff rather than proper films.

Yy to the Royle Family specials, love them. We also have a DVD of all the My Family Christmas specials, they're brilliant. Especially the ones with Nick in!

CiderGlider Thu 21-Aug-14 21:39:16

Jamie cooking christmas in any way shape or form...

Holfin Thu 21-Aug-14 21:45:33

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

DesperatelySeekingSedatives Thu 21-Aug-14 21:58:21

Dr Who Christmas special, in fact any Christmas special of shows I like including the Rugrats when I was a kid blush and Only fools and horses.

The Snowman but DC prefer Father Christmas and signing along with "another bloomin' Christmas"

Miracle on 34th Street the 90s version because that was the one I grew up watching

the home alone movies although arguably I can watch them any old time quite happily

Does anyone remember a one off show at Christmas years ago called "the greatest store in the world"? me and my sister loved it so Christmassy smile

Googlechrome Thu 21-Aug-14 22:01:29

Various versions of a Christmas Carol.

Crappy US Xmas films on the Christmas channels that pop up on Sky.

I have Box of Delights on DVD which I loved as a child, and DCs now love, too.

The Snowman
Mary Poppins
Its a wonderful life

I like The Holiday, although seen it about twenty times grin.

Downton Xmas Special become a must.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 21-Aug-14 22:13:36

Years ago The Flint Street Nativity (must've been 1999, the year DS was born). All the cast play adults and children.
Stephen Tomkinson (Ballykissangel) was looking out for his Dad in the audience sad

And Heston Blumenthal Perfect Christmas.

The Darts World Championship, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without it. Also World's Strongest Man. We don't watch much actual Christmas stuff though.

Howaboutthisone Thu 21-Aug-14 22:18:16

Jamie cooking.
Nigella cooking.
Muppets christmas carol
Miracle on 34th street
Christmas with the Kranks blush
Home alone
Anything with Christmas as a title or theme!

dollybean Thu 21-Aug-14 23:14:53

Ooh I love the gavin and stacey christmas special! When I was little I was obsessed with Beatrix potters 'the tailor of Gloucester'- had it on vhs but my mother gave it away when she mistakenly assumed I had grown out of it. I swear I haven't been secretly watching it on youtube grin

Rosvita Thu 21-Aug-14 23:23:09

Mine have already been mentioned...
Muppet christmas carol
Home alone lost in New York
Royal family Xmas special
Gavin and Stacey xmas special

OwlBeThereForYou Sun 24-Aug-14 22:33:12

Royle family specials
Gavin and Stacey specials
A Child's Christmas in Wales (especially funny when you're welsh)
Love actually
And Christmas 24 starting, my favourite find on there was Christmas Angel

Gold has been playing the Royle family ones recently, hence why I'm here and my Pinterest is in overload!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 24-Aug-14 22:46:23

Ooh A Childs Christmas in Wales ( Paul Kaye, I love Paul Kaye)

There's a Denholm Elliot version as well (from my Google searching)

I love the Christmas Dr Who episodes (I think my favourite is the Victorian one with David Tennant, David Morrissey and Dervla Kirwan )

Father Ted Christmas Special

The video for "A Fairytale of New York" (Pogues and Kirsty) when the snow fall on a black screen and the opening piano notes .....ahhhhh.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 24-Aug-14 22:48:03

there's series 1 Christmas with the party and the chips
then series 2 Christmas with the bran-tub and the anorak


Heathcliff27 Sun 24-Aug-14 22:51:46

Christmas films on Hallmark from 31st October.....not that i'm counting down the days or anything. I tape them then watch on my days off with a snuggly blanket and normally a box of tissues as the ones on there always make me sniffle

OwlBeThereForYou Sun 24-Aug-14 23:00:04

The anorak Christmas dinnerladies was on the other day too 70! It still makes me tear up blush
Thanks Heath for the heads up! Will be looking out for the hallmark channel too now!

Secretblackandmidnighthag Mon 25-Aug-14 07:42:45

The Creature Comforts special where all the animals are singing 'the Twelve Days of Christmas' - I just LOVE it.

0pheliaBalls Mon 25-Aug-14 07:56:32

Ooh yy to A Child's Christmas In Wales! I grew up in South Wales in the 80s and everything is so very, very familiar. I shed a few tears the first time I watched it. Now we watch it every year. And yes, Paul Kaye is an added bonus grin

dollybean Sat 30-Aug-14 10:38:47

Gavin and Stacey 12 days of christmas! Its a behind the scenes look at them making the xmas special smile I completely forgot about this then accidentally stumbled upon it while searching through Netflix- things are about to get festive in the bean household grin

River Cottage and Hugh's 10 bird roast. I'm veggie, I have no idea why it appeals to me so much!
The Good Life - love Margot's Christmas coming in a van which seems ahead of its time somehow.

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